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Et In Arcadia Ego

Matt is getting irritated by Adeola and the mystery of the curtained area. She tells him to head left, and there's a red glow coming from the left. No, Matt. But he can't hear you. "Just go to the left," she says. He walks in, and doesn't come out again. Adeola heads back downstairs, to the sound of screams and drilling. You will be like us.

Rose steps out into the factory floor, dodging two guys and then grabbing a leftover lab coat. She walks bad-assedly through the complex, and follows one guy at random.

Adeola's back at her computer, where Yvonne is showing the Doctor the great white wall where the light comes from, on ghost shift. "The sphere came through here. A hole in the world." He runs his hand along the wall. It's just a wall: smooth and white and featureless: "Not active at the moment. But when we fire particle engines at that exact spot, the breach opens up." Breach, n.: An opening, a tear, a rupture; a gap or rift; a violation or infraction, as of a law, a legal obligation, or a promise; a disruption of relationship; estrangement; the leap of something huge, from the deeps and into the light; the breaking of a wave. Well-named: it is all of these in turn. "How did you even find it?" Warning signs, for years: "a radar black spot." So they built Torchwood Tower. The breach was six hundred feet above sea level when they found it. The Doctor puts on his 3-D glasses again: "You built a skyscraper just to reach a spatial disturbance? How much money have you got?" Enough, says Yvonne. The only answer that ever makes sense. She walks away, leaving the Doctor to stare at the blank wall; Jackie takes the human and common step of looking out the window: "Hold on a minute...we're in Canary Wharf! Must be! This building, it's Canary Wharf." One of the coolest things about urban fantasy is the warping of the day-to-day. Every kid in Cardiff can look up at the Millennium Center and think of the Rift, you know? Wonder if it's not true. Hope there's magic. "That is the public name for it," sniffs Yvonne. "But to those in the know, it's Torchwood." The Doctor: "So you find the breach, probe it, the sphere comes through. Six hundred feet above London, bam. It leaves a hole in the fabric of reality. And that hole, you think, 'Oh, shall we leave it alone? Shall we back off? Shall we play it safe?' Nah! You think, 'let's make it bigger!'" Yvonne explains the reasoning: as a massive source of energy, it could be harnessed to get free of Middle East oil: "Britain will become truly independent." Just like in 28 Days Later...! "Look, you can see for yourself. Next ghost shift's in two minutes." The Doctor tells her to cancel it, and Yvonne, of course, blows him off. His voice gets hard, and she gets in his face: "Oh, exactly as the legends would have it. The Doctor, lording it over us. Assuming alien authority over the rights of Man." Yvonne kind of has a point, even though he's right. The Doctor: "Let me show you."

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