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It's all very idyllic and Merrye Englande, and in a nice country house there's a very pregnant Amy stirring something in a big bowl and humming to herself. Maybe this was what the Doctor thought she wanted, or what the Doctor thought her wedding represented; maybe she thought that too. They have two hearts in common. For sure it's what Rory thought. I don't really like wish fulfillment, stories where people yearn most passionately for the most clichéd things they can imagine.

I like stories where those things are proven lifeless, or when you learn that the fantasy life is not really what they wanted at all, or when you find out that the multiple universes are all elaborate constructions meant to harm and defuse. I like anything that privileges change over stasis, and when you're talking about the Doctor, "stasis" is always about life without the Doctor, because all he is, is change.

And when you're talking about "growing up" and whether or not the Doctor can even understand it, you're in sort of a pickle because the Doctor wants her to somehow grow into stasis. Or rather, he broke her when she was little, and now she's in stasis forever, as Amelia, and therefore he can't really take her on adventures without keeping her there: He's got to be in charge not only of her change, but also her stasis. And that's harsh, but it's also his responsibility: To help her grow up without growing hard.

So as much as I continue to be grossed out by the ongoing assumption -- that marriage is the dividing line that makes you a worthwhile human being, i.e. an adult -- that's the story we're getting. And given the way things have been going for the last several years, I suppose the Doctor is entitled to think all girls want to settle down and get married eventually -- they just seemed previously to want these things with a working brain, and not just a big gooshy heart, a certain patronizingly written "feistiness," not to say "bitchiness," and no other personality traits beyond what any given story demands.

It's a lot easier once you understand this is a story written by men, for men. If you've read a lot of science fiction, or seen a lot of shows on TV, that shouldn't be too terribly hard to comprehend, after all. Just remember this very simple trick: No matter how wonderful every little Amelia is, after a certain age she'll just become another shrew in a miniskirt, and you'll have to marry her. Once she stops being a stripper, of course. Her inner life is not that interesting, because it doesn't exist: Women are just black boxes with obscure mechanics inside that nobody really understands. Start talking about feelings, or subjectivity, and you're off into soap opera.

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