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A Town Called Mercy

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How the West Was Won
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It was a dark and starry night. A woman's voice narrates: "My favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he'd seen... a man who fell from the stars." It sounds like she's talking about the Doctor, but you know how this show likes to have characters describe things that sound really obvious and then it turns out later they were talking about something entirely. A small spacecraft descends toward the ground. It is being pursued by someone or something with a video screen that identifies itself as a Kahler Security Drone. "Terminate" flashes up on the screen. The ship is blasted and crashes in a heap. A man falls out. He has a raised tattoo on his face that the drone IDs. "I knew you'd find me eventually," the tattooed man says. "Make peace with your gods," the drone says in a deep, computer-distorted voice. The tattooed man reaches for a gun. The drone is wearing a cowboy hat and leather duster. He looks like Kryten from "Gunmen of the Apocalypse," but with Borg bits on his face and a huge gun where one of his arms should be. He shoots the tattooed man, who asks, "Am I the last one?" "There's one more -- the Doctor," says the drone. He shoots again, the flare from his gun taking us into the opening credits.

Daytime in the desert. Twangy music lets us know we're in America. The Doctor is standing in the middle of a dusty road on the outskirts of town called Mercy. He takes note of the sign that proclaims its 81 residents. Amy and Rory point out the line of rocks and wood surrounding the town. The Doctor sonics it to confirm that it is, indeed, made of rocks and wood. The Doctor and friends ignore the "Keep Out" sign and venture past the line into town. The drone watches from afar.

As they wander through town, they're greeted by the wary gazes of its citizens. The Doctor notices an electric streetlamp and says it's about 10 years early. The Doctor, of course, is tickled: "Anachronistic electricity, "Keep Out" signs, aggressive stares... has someone been peeking at my Christmas list?" They make their way into a saloon. Everyone stops what they're doing to gawk at the newcomers. Undeterred, the Doctor flirts a bit with the waitress and orders a cuppa tea. This just makes everyone gawk even harder. The town preacher stands up and asks, "Sir, might I inquire who you is?" "I'm the Doctor!" says the Doctor. Too bad he's not a grammar teacher. Before he can introduce Amy and Rory, the saloon patrons leap to their feet. The town undertaker starts measuring the Doctor for a coffin. A young man asks the Doctor if he's an alien. The Doctor happily admits that is. Suddenly, a group of men hoist him up and carry him to the edge of town. They toss him over the borderline of sticks and stones.

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