Dirty Sexy Money Soaps Up

by DeAnn Welker October 1, 2008
The Peter Krause Interview

PK: I've watched a few episodes, early on, but not in the past few years. Love her, not my cup of tea. Seriously. I love Felicity, but that show is not my cup of tea.

TWoP: You mentioned Aaron Sorkin earlier, and he's sort of a household name now, but he wasn't when you worked with him on Sports Night. What was that experience like, working with Sorkin before he was really "Aaron Sorkin"?

PK: I already knew Aaron. We bartended together here in New York City. ... We've known each other since 1987, '88. I knew him as a guy who invited me to do a playreading ... and the play was A Few Good Men. Aaron, more so than any other writer I've worked with, is really built for television because he's so fast. Craig is as well, but Craig is more diplomatic in some ways. They're both really prolific. Craig really does let other people in on the process more.

TWoP: In closing, are you sure there aren't any more surprises you can tell me about Dirty Sexy Money?

PK: One of the female characters will slap Nick George, the character that I play, a few episodes into the season. I won't tell you who and I won't tell you why, but Nick deserves it. You're going to really enjoy the series this year. It's really quite good. It's much more of a page-turner, if I could use a book reference. You definitely want to find out what's going to happen next. It's really, really good. Much better than it was last year. For the writing staff and the actors and studio to all agree. ... This show was this piece of taffy that was being pulled in four different directions last year. The fact that we're all in agreement this year is a real boon to the show.

TWoP: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I know you're very busy.

PK: No problem. You just caught me at the end of a very long morning, but this was fun. Thanks, DeAnn.

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