Dirty Sexy Money Soaps Up

by DeAnn Welker October 1, 2008
The Peter Krause Interview

PK: I don't pursue it, but it makes its way in front of my face from time to time. Ultimately I don't care. Everyone's got an opinion.

TWoP: That's a good attitude to have, because it has to be difficult sometimes. Even working at TWoP, it can be hard to ignore some of the negative things people say about the site or me personally.

PK: Yeah, look. For me, I've been very fortunate. I've gotten to do some of the best TV of the past 10 years: Sports Night, Six Feet Under, and Dirty Sexy Money.

TWoP: Sports Night was so good. It should have lasted longer.

PK:It's fascinating to me to see what people think about network shows. Aaron Sorkin famously writes his scripts so that the network can't see them. Craig Wright's a different kind of guy. Craig tries to work with the network and studio, and it is very difficult to make a show that is artistically sound (what the writers and actors want to make) and at the same time appeal to the studio, who is trying to sell the show. It can't be that offensive, but it has to be somewhat offensive, because this is a soap. ABC has been very supportive of this. I have a history with them, and they have been very supportive of what we want to do. In the past, ABC would just dump a show, like Sports Night. At the time, there were less caring executives. Michael Eisner put Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? on five nights a week. He was a bottom-line guy. Fortunately, now, it's a different group over there and they've really gotten behind Dirty Sexy Money. And I really think them for that. They've been very supportive. And, to their credit, they've dared this season to let the show be more of what we wanted it to be from the beginning.

TWoP: Do you keep in touch with the cast of Six Feet Under?

PK: I do. I saw Michael [C. Hall] last week. I was doing some looping over on his stages ... I talk to him a lot. I'm going to try to see Lauren Ambrose here while I'm in New York.

TWoP: Where is Dirty Sexy Money filmed?

PK: We film it in Los Angeles. We filmed the pilot in New York, but we film it in Los Angeles.

TWoP: Was that important for your decision to take the role?

PK: Yes. I live in Los Angeles, and my son goes to school in Los Angeles, so I couldn't be on something that was based somewhere else.

TWoP: Well, it looks like New York.

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