Dirty Sexy Money Soaps Up

by DeAnn Welker October 1, 2008
The Peter Krause Interview

TWoP: So, can you reveal any of those "big" things that are going on?

PK: I don't know when this article will run, but in the in the premiere:
-- Somebody will get arrested for the suspected murder of my father, Dutch George.
-- Two characters who should not be touching lips are found kissing.
-- Somebody gets punched in the face.
-- During an argument between two spouses, somebody dies.
Obviously, there's other things I cannot tell you. The show operates on surprise and suspense. It is a soap, albeit a smart and good one.

TWoP: I think some people are resistant to that term, and I really like that you guys embrace it. Ultimately, it sounds like you feel this change was a good one.

PK: It was something that I was resistant to at the beginning, because I thought it was mutually exclusive, that it had to be one thing or the other -- that if we went down that road we could never achieve what I thought we could as far as being artistic. But I think we do achieve both things now, and it works.

At this point, a loud ringing begins in the background. Krause asks me to hang on, and then he hollers, "Come back later, please!" When he gets back to the phone, I apologize for taking up his time, and interfering with his life. He tells me it's not a problem, but he's at the end of a long morning that included President Bush bumping Krause's segment on Good Morning America, so he only ended up getting one minute instead of five, and with a different interviewer than he'd expected. But he was gracious about it, and said he knows that sort of stuff happens.

TWoP: You mentioned a death. What other changes can we expect to see this season, cast-wise? Any other major deaths, additions to, or removals from the cast?

PK: Lucy Liu joined us this season.

TWoP: What about Samaire Armstrong? Will she be back?

PK: I can't say. I'm sorry. There's so much I can't talk about concerning the show, which is a drag.

TWoP: No, that's okay. I expected that. Now for more of a personal question: What's it like for you to watch yourself on TV and in movies? Are you removed, or is it sort of uncomfortable?

PK: It's not uncomfortable for me. I've spent time editing myself for movies. I'm pretty removed. I look at it as objectively as possible.

TWoP: Do you read what fans and critics are saying about you and about the show?

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