Dirty Sexy Money Soaps Up

by DeAnn Welker October 1, 2008
The Peter Krause Interview

There's been a lot of buzz about Dirty Sexy Money changing showrunners (again) and getting soapier this season, which, frankly, had us a little concerned. After all, it was so good last season that we didn't want it to change. Fortunately, Peter Krause (who plays the lead character, Nick George) took time out of his busy schedule on a brief trip to New York City to chat via telephone, and let us know that it's all going to be okay. We also asked him about his past shows, Six Feet Under and Sports Night, and tried to get him to reveal this season's Dirty Sexy secrets.

TWoP: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Are you familiar with Television Without Pity?

Peter Krause: Yes. I became familiar with it through Six Feet Under -- Alan Poole, one of the producers on the show, told me about it.

At this point, Peter went off topic (banned!) and asked the history of, in his words "the mighty Television Without Pity" -- how it got started and became what it is today. Yes, he used the word mighty without knowing anything about the backstory, or that it used to be Mighty Big TV. I filled him in, and we got back on topic.

TWoP: I had read that you weren't interested in returning to a TV schedule ...?

PK: Yeah, television schedules are very grueling. The pay cable world is more forgiving because you only make 10 to 12 episodes a year instead of 22 to 26. It's a really difficult schedule and there isn't time for much else. I have a son and I like to spend time with him, so it's difficult. I couldn't really do a show that isn't somewhat of an ensemble show because then you absolutely have no time. But I'm very comfortable being sort of the central character in an ensemble show. It gives me something to chew on. I'm not comfortable not having something to do. I try to work with good writers, going back to Matt Williams (a writer on Krause's early show, Carol & Company, who later created Roseanne and Home Improvement). ... If you focus on trying to work with good writers, it's very satisfying. I've done that: Craig Wright (showrunner for Dirty Sexy Money), Arthur Miller (Krause was in his play, After the Fall, on Broadway), Alan Ball (Six Feet Under showrunner), Aaron Sorkin (Sports Night showrunner) -- many of those being playwrights. This year, we're creating a high-stakes, splashy soap. Last year we shied away from that a little bit.

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