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Previously: Rita, of course, is pregnant. Ramon wouldn't let go of trying to find out where Freebo was, so Dexter set him up to look unpredictable. Miguel confessed to Dex that he was the only person he trusted. Deb got closer to Quinn's informant, Anton. Quinn told Vince that he was revolting. Angel tried to hook up with a hooker, but she was a cop leading a sting. She agreed not to tell on him. Dex proposed to Rita. She said yes.

Dexter is giving us his best Dr. Oz via VO. He tells us that there are many ways to stop a heart. Diet is one way. His favorite is a severed aorta. This feels like a perfect moment to watch a sonogram! This is the first time Dexter has started a heartbeat, he tells us. The doctor explains to Rita that she is 9 to 10 weeks pregnant. Dexter VO's that she's stronger than she looks, as she's clutching his hand. Apparently, Rita has a very good grip. Good for her. He says he can't ignore that he's going to be a father. Has he been ignoring it? Because I feel like that's ALL we ever talk about on this show. That damn baby. It feels very weird to find myself asking, "Aren't there going to be some more dead people in this episode? Dexter must really be getting antsy to kill someone. Hope he works that out." But I do. I ask those questions.

Dexter is on a golf course with Miguel. Miguel suddenly asks, "Front or back pocket?" They're playing pool? Dexter doesn't know what he means either. Oh, he's asking for the picture of the baby's sonogram. "This makes it real," says Miguel. An errant golf ball flies from out of nowhere and hits their golf cart. Probably someone tired of hearing about the baby. Miguel screams at them saying they could have killed someone. He apologizes to Dexter for losing his temper -- he has his mind on the office. He has been working on the case of South Beach guy who kills his wife on a cruise. His office has no jurisdiction because it happened in international waters. He knows that the guy did it -- he also got off for killing his first wife. She was rich and he used her money to buy an unstoppable legal team. They confused the jury and let him out to kill again. Dex VO's that he may use his form of justice. Funny that he brings up justice. I guess, because of Dexter's facility with forensics, he's comfortable making his own case against the people that he ends up killing. It just seems like his Dark Passenger, besides making him really happy when killing people, also lets him live free of doubt that he's ever killed someone that might not have fit the Code.

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