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"Think Not Disdainfully Of Dex, But Look On Him With Favor."

Previously: Dexter laid FOP out with a cranial blow from a frying pan, and then framed him to turn him from a Father On Parole to a Father In Prison. Rita was ecstatic, of course, to hear the news. Angel got some insight into the Ice Truck Killer fetishism from an amputee hooker he had been with. Tony Tucci told Deb 'n' Doakes that the ITK was a big lozenge fan. Rudy told Deb he loves her after stabbing Angel in the torso and getting a fat lip. It was a pretty loaded episode, and even though Dex didn't kill anyone, he still blasted Paul with a pan, which made it totally worth it.

Dexter seems to be floating down some red corridor in what I'm guessing is a dream sequence. "I've never had much use for the concept of Hell," he VO's. "But if Hell exists, I'm in it." He seems to be arriving at a crime scene where five or six police cruisers have their blue lights spinning. It looks like the parking garage where Angel got stabbed, but I still can't tell if this is a dream or a very stylistic reality. "The same images running through my head, over and over." The boy in blood. The blond woman, Dexter's mother, crying. "I was there. I saw my mother's death." Chainsaw. Screaming. Blood. "A buried memory all these years, it climbed inside me that day, and it's been with me ever since. My dark passenger." Now he's looking at the blood stain on the garage floor, and there's a pair of bloody feet standing next to it. He follows the legs up to find Angel standing there, washed in red light, clutching his side where blood is pouring out. "You should be focusing on me," he says, and his voice echoes all over the place. Dexter snaps out of it, and it was all a daydream, but he is at the parking garage where Angel got stabbed, and he's actually staring at Deb, who says, "I seriously want to get the motherfucker that did this to Batista." Well, obviously! He's a great guy, who wants him to get stabbed? Not me. Shut up, Deb. Dexter looks around, getting his thoughts together, and Deb asks him if he's okay. "Yeah, no, I'm okay, I'm just distraught...about Angel. How's he doing, do we know?" he asks Masuka. "Still in surgery." "God, I hate feeling so helpless!" says Deb as Masuka looks at her. "What? No jokes about providing gross sexual comfort in a time of crisis?" "My friend was stabbed, and he might die." Aw, poor Masuka! I hate seeing him all...non-horndog-y. Doakes calls Deb over, and she heads over to him after putting a consoling arm on Masuka's shoulder. "What do you think, Dex?" Masuka asks. Dexter says there was a struggle, and that Angel put up a fight. Dexter stares at the blood pool where Angel lay, and gets quickly distracted. "So much blood," he VOs, and snaps himself out of it again. "What's happening to me?" I don't know, man, but it's almost the season finale, so get cracking with the plot development. Figure out who Rudy is, and why he's fucking with you.

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