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We focus in on Deb's face looking forlorn and intent, but instead of following with Dexter's prone form in a hospital as the shot kind of leads you to expect, we see that Dexter is sitting sullenly next to her, and the wider shot that reveals Vogel in front of them in her office gives us the impression this little family-therapy session is a bit rocky. I KNOW! Vogel informs them that at least one of them is going to need to talk here, but when Dexter and Deb both silently think "Not it," Vogel turns to Deb and offers that "it seems" she tried to kill both herself and Dexter. Haltingly, Deb's like, well, yeah, but then I saved him, and at this Dexter snaps up and bites out that she only had to do so because she'd tried to kill him, no "it seems" about it. He is talking now, though! Dexter steamrolls Deb's attempts to explain by pointing out that she almost left Harrison an orphan, and I'd be interested to hear how his apparently genuine concern for his son fits into Vogel's analysis of his psychological makeup, but he then moves on to declare that he's always tried to take care of her and to protect her. Deb starts to be like, yeah, about that "protect" part, but Dexter bellows that he's not perfect, and by the way, has she ever tried being her sibling? He's angry, but that's not the worst point I've ever heard. Her taste in men alone!

Deb tries to explain about the PTSD and her fragile mental state, but Dexter snarls that according to Vogel, he can't understand these kinds of emotions, "so when my sister tries to kill me, for some reason it doesn't make sense!" This is the first time I remember Dexter going off on someone he cares about; it's a nice acting moment for Michael C. Hall, not to mention the part where I don't think Dexter could ever deny that on a cosmic level, he deserves to die – it's just the betrayal of someone he cares about that hurts. Vogel, however, backs Deb up on her claim of PTSD-related cloudy thinking: "The weight of what she has been through has been too much for her to bear." She adds that when Deb came up with a solution that seemed viable, she had to take it, and Deb pipes up to remind him that she'd just found out Harry killed himself because of Dexter, which was like a little traumatic? Vogel interjects that Deb trying to kill both of them was her hitting rock bottom, and Dexter hilariously rolls his eyes at the terminology, so it's no surprise that when Vogel suggests this is a positive sign for Deb, Dexter turns to Deb and affectlessly offers "Great. I'm so fuckin' happy for you."

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