This Is The Way The World Ends

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This Is The Way The World Ends…
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It's night out on the water, and a shivering, ashen Dexter hangs on to a small piece of the exploded rowboat as DVO fatalistically opines that it's fitting for him to die in the same place he left so many others. And are they going to give you a stern talking-to when your corpse floats down to them, Dexter. Night turns to day, and DVO continues by wondering whether the world will be a better place without him, but, after the piece of wood to which he's been clinging finally gives up the ghost and sinks down, he kind of answers his own question by saying he's going to miss watching his son grow up.

Exhausted, Dexter sinks down, resigned to this being the end, but when he pops back up, he sees a boat coming toward him; soon, he's being hauled onto it, in shock at his good fortune as much as at his near miss. A woman tells him in broken English that he's lucky, and that God is looking out for him, and Dexter isn't too tired to raise his atheist eyebrows at her.

Later, after Dexter's gotten some shut-eye, a man who seems like the captain, or at least the driver, pulls a gun and starts shaking everyone (they're Cuban refugees, odds are) down, but keeping his back turned to the white dude who almost drowned turns out not to be as safe a move as he thought, nor is threatening to kill a pregnant lady, because this gives Dexter all the Code sanctioning he needs to pick up a fishing spear and run the guy through. Everyone's like, thanks? Hilariously, Dexter tells them they're safe, and then heads up to drive the boat...

...and soon, they're in shallow enough water off the coast of Miami that everyone swims for it, and given that they've all got their luggage wrapped in plastic, I'd guess they anticipated this part. Probably happy it was only a few hundred yards. As he staggers onto the beach, DVO says since Colin Hanks said it's finished, he has no way to find him, so he's going home to Harrison. I'd point out that Dexter's not taking the whole End of the World thing into account, really, but he's had a rough twenty-four hours, so I'll let it slide. (I will point out, though, how terrific it is that the physical exertion of STAYING AFLOAT FOR AN ENTIRE DAY didn't seem to bring on any more dizziness. That would have been inconvenient!) On the beach, Dexter exhaustedly asks some dude if he can borrow his phone, and it would have been awesome if he'd charged Dexter a quarter.

Colin Hanks is watching, of course, the local news, which tells us that the solar eclipse is the next day. Colin Hanks is drawing something on a paper bag when he looks up and...berates the corpses on the floor for smelling bad. Ha ha...ha?

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