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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, Partez-Two?
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Previously: Dexter apologized (and rightly so) to Rita for his indiscretions with Little Miss Pardon My Tits. Doakes was on the run after Dexter's frame job. Lundy pulled Dexter in to analyze the blood slides they found in Doakes's car. Doakes called LaGuerta to claim his innocence. Lundy placed Dexter under a four-man protective detail. Deb and Lundy started boning. LaGuerta implored Lundy to re-examine evidence in the BHB case, because "Doakes is not your man!" Lila crashed the office to fuck with Dexter's head by getting to Angel. Dexter explained to Angel that Lila was just using him, but Angel didn't care. As Dexter was disposing of Jimenez's body, Doakes caught him in the act, but Dexter put up a struggle and Doakes ended up in the cocaine cage. At least he got to shoot Dexter in the leg.

Out at the cabin, Dexter is tending to his leg, which is looking pretty bloody. "Is it deep?" asks Doakes. "I hope it's fuckin' deep." Heh. I love him. Dexter replies that it's just a graze wound: "Minor tissue abrasion, no hemorrhage along the bullet track. Sorry, I think I'm gonna live." "Am I?" asks Doakes from his cage. "That's a good question." Doakes says that if Dexter isn't going to let him go, he'd rather just die now. As Dexter pours hydrogen peroxide onto his wound, he advises Doakes through gritted teeth to not tempt him. He bandages the wound, and says, "Why couldn't you just leave me to do my work in peace? Why'd you have to go and ruin everything?" "You're a killer. I catch killers." "So do I! I caught you!" "I'm not a killer," says Doakes, approaching the front of the cage. Dude, is this a conversation you really want to have right now? Dexter grins at him and lets out a little laugh. "You are," he says, tauntingly. "That's why you've always known what I am. That's why you have more officer-related shootings than anybody else. Only, I don't fuck with you when you shoot somebody! Why couldn't you pay me the same professional courtesy?" Doakes says there's nothing "professional" about what Dexter does: "I kill when I have to, on the job." "Oh, so it's okay to take a life as long as you get a paycheck for it?" Doakes maintains that the city pays him to "keep the law." Dexter has news for Doakes: "My code requires a higher standard of proof than your city's laws. At zero cost to the ask me, I'm a bargain!" Taxpayers, Dex? Hmm -- do I detect a slight conservative bent to his rationalizations? "That enough bullshit, Morgan. Let's get this over with. Either kill me, or set me free, what's it gonna be?" "I actually think you'd like it if I killed you just to prove your point." Doakes says again that Dexter has to choose, but Dexter has to go: "I've got FBI guards standing outside my door right now to protect me from you." Dexter limps out of the cabin as Doakes calls after him. "You can't fucking ignore me!" I think he just did, dude. Sorry. Man, this is a tricky situation. How the...? I'll stop asking, sorry.

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