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Father Kills Best
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Previously: Rita is pregnant, but Dexter is unsure about how involved he will be in the child's upbringing. The ADA Miguel Prado's brother, Oscar, was killed (by Dexter, by accident). His murder, as well as the murder of an unidentified (though Dexter knew her -- Teegan) girl, were pinned on Freebo. Teegan was missing a patch of skin on her shoulder when she was found. Debra has been using the help of Anton, an informant referred to her by Quinn. He has warned her not to use Anton too much. Internal Affairs wants Deb to help them monitor Quinn, but she's resisting. Maria knows of information that would exonerate a man prosecuted recently by Miguel. Dexter killed Freebo and Miguel caught him. He told Miguel that it was self-defense and a grateful Prado pledged to keep it their secret.

Dexter is at the grocery store. He VO's that the grocery store is the modern day equivalent of the Serengeti, where the mighty lion goes to hunt. That doesn't say a lot for our hunting skills, does it? Though I'll be damned if I can find everything that's on my list, EVER. And, could you look at me, lady at the register? I'll be out of your hair just as soon as you ring up the third of the fucking items I could find from my list. You can pick up your conversation with the clerk two registers over just as soon as I'm gone. We see a kindly old lady offer Dexter a sample of cheese on a toothpick, which he gladly receives. He continues his VO, saying that his "weaker brethren" reward him with gifts. Do lions do that? Reward the mightier lions? Britannica doesn't say anything about that. I think maybe Dex is just partaking in a half-baked metaphor.

Rita sidles up to his cart and points at a display of diapers. She says that they will need a lot of diapers soon. Dex just sort of nods at her blankly and VO's that "the lioness" has her own agenda. Actually, the lioness does most of the hunting. Just saying. Astor and Cody show up and put things in the cart. They're helping Dex complete his grocery list. Seriously, there should be a service. He sends them away for the next two items on his list. Mac n' cheese for Cody and mayo for Astor. Rita is stunned that he alphabetizes his grocery list and he responds, "How else would you do it?" Well, Dex, I don't remember things that I need for my pantry in an alphabetical fashion. So, I'd probably just make a list, just like yours, but not alphabetized. Not trying to nitpick, but someone who exhibits an OCD is usually aware that it's out of the ordinary. Just because you have an uncontrollable urge to lick buttons or straighten the tassels on the Persian rug all of time doesn't mean you aren't aware that it's a freak thing to do. His comment effectively ended the conversation, so maybe that was his tactic.

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