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Most people remember Benz as Darla from Buffy and Angel, but she's moved on to the glamorous world of premium cable, where curse words and mature themes know no shame! I, for one, applaud her, and so should you, because she is absolutely killing it as Rita, the title character's timid and sexually dysfunctional girlfriend on Dexter, the best show on TV about a blood-spatter expert for the Miami PD who moonlights as a serial killer. Yeah, okay, it's also the only show about that, but it still rules!

Lucky for me (and, dare I say, Ms. Benz as well), I was able to have a chat with her last week about her role on the show and how it compares with other work she's done, as well as upcoming roles she has on the horizon -- including a potential music video starring her and my buddy Allen. "Potential," I said. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. Maybe she changed her number again, that rascal!

Mr. S: Hello?

Julie Benz: Hi, is this Dave?

Mr. S: Yeah, this is Dave.

Benz: Hi, it's Julie Benz.

Mr. S: Hi, Julie, how are you?

Benz: I'm good, how are you?

Mr. S: I'm good. What's going on? [pause] Can you hear me?

Benz: Oh, yeah, I can hear you.

Mr. S: Okay, sorry about that.

Benz: Hold on a second. I have a little dog that is barking. Stop it!

Mr. S: [giggles]

Benz: He does this when I get on the phone.

Mr. S: All righty. So how are you?

Benz: I'm good, how are you?

Mr. S: I'm good. First of all, thank you for doing this. It's really great to be able to speak to you.

Benz: It's no problem! I'm a big fan.

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