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Catching Up to You
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Previously, Dexter spent the whole season a) dithering endlessly with his voice-over and his subconscious manifesting as his dead father about whether having a family is too much of a burden, and b) not killing Arthur Mitchell, a.k.a. the Trinity killer. He did stake him out for a while, though, and when his alias was punctured, Arthur was able to follow him right into the middle of his workplace.

We open exactly where we left off last week, with Arthur smugly staring down a pants-crapping Dexter. I mentioned this a lot last week, but I totally love how there is no effort made to conceal the fact that John Lithgow has a good half a foot (at least) on Michael C. Hall, and in fact, they're accentuating it. Dexter is just dwarfed here, in every respect (including, sad to say, in intellect; and that's not exactly calling Trinity brilliant). DVO freaks out as Dexter sees Angel walking by, so he tells this terribly imposing stranger that he must be on the wrong floor. Arthur knows he's got the advantage, though, and proceeds to nose around. The one advantage Dexter has maintained is that Arthur is misapprehending his endgame. He still thinks Dexter wants to extort money from him. Dexter asks what he wants, and Arthur replies he simply wants Dexter to get out of his life. "And you'll stay out of mine?" Dexter asks (nearly pleads, but he holds it together). "I couldn't care less about your life," Arthur sniffs. "Or death. Unless you get in my way." Arthur smiles at him, advises he give up vigilantism, and shakes his hand, making sure to again call him "Dexter Morgan." He knows him now.

Arthur's barely in the elevator before DVO is self-flagellating for letting things come to this point, before vowing once again to kill Trinity NO SERIOUSLY HE MEANS IT TONIGHT TODAY RIGHT NOW LOOK HE'S GOING! He pulls a syringe out of the back of a file drawer of his office (love that!) and takes the parking lot at a run. Unfortunately he runs across one Joey Quinn, who's still in a snit about his girlfriend turning out to be a lying murderer who killed herself. Tell it to your shrink, pussy. Anyway, Quinn bitches about Dexter once again leaving work for no reason and tells him he needs to sign off on Christine's spatter report. Dexter says she's not going anywhere, but Quinn is anxious to put the whole mess behind him, and why should he have to wait just so Dex can go chase some midday tail. Dexter is seriously in no mood to have his devotion to his family questioned and says so. He tries to push past, but Quinn grabs him, and Dexter throws him to the ground. NOT TODAY! PEOPLE TO KILL! FOR REALSIES!

So Dexter speeds off after Trinity, Harry in the back seat being annoying and questioning whether Dex even has a plan. He gets a call from Rita, which he answers over Harry's objections -- gotta agree with Harry there. Because, of course, Rita's call isn't important. She wants the honeymoon they never had. This weekend, while Astor and Cody are at Disney with their grandparents. Apparently, Rita is oblivious to the tire screeches and car horns wailing all around Dexter as he speeds down the highway, weaving all over the road. It's hard to imagine how fearsome Julie Benz used to be on Angel. She's really selling this angelic/shrewish wife thing. Dexter "yeah, yeah, yeahs" her to get off the phone, but not soon enough, as he sideswipes a parked car, knocking its mirror off and seriously pissing off the driver. He hangs up, tries to ignore Harry, and follows Arthur's van into a parking garage at a bank. He stalks around, watching Arthur park his car and leave. Dex decides this is the place he'll have to make his move. He waits, while we see the car he sideswiped pull into the garage.

Miami Metro. Debra obsesses over the whiteboard filled with Trinity bathtub killings. She's trying to match Christine's postcards to the various cycles, as she tells Angel when he walks in. She's visibly shaken at the idea that there could have been Trinity cycles Lundy never uncovered. Angel tells her she needs to go home -- she's burned herself out on this case, and what with Christine just blowing her brains out in front of her, Deb might benefit from, say, a nap. "That's an order," says Angel, as he pledges to follow up with these stray homicide departments himself. Deb very reluctantly walks away, passing LaGuerta, who takes a moment to look at Angel cross-eyed and be all "OMG we're married!" Maria is at a loss as to what they do now? Live together? Her place? Angel just smiles and goes along with whatever. Blissed-out Angel has been a reassuring presence all season, but if we find out next year that he got lobotomized at the end of Season 3, I'm not gonna be so shocked.

Meanwhile, you didn't think Deb was gonna nap through the season finale, did you? No, hellbent on collapsing before the hour's out, she gets Tragic Val on the phone and wants to follow up on that C.I. Harry was boffing. The one Val kinda stalked for a while there. Deb asks if Val's up for a road trip. Sweet Jesus and deliver me from that particular journey into the abyss.

Arthur strides back to the parking garage with a deposit bag full of cash he just took out. Planning for disaster, Art? He should be -- Dexter rounds the back of a van and plunges a syringe into his neck. Sleepy time for the not-so-gentle giant. Dex hauls him into the back of the van and checks out the envelope. Seems Arthur closed out his checking and savings accounts. Dexter's face lights up as he realizes that Arthur's already done the work of making it look like he skipped town, so when the cops come looking for him as the real Trinity killer, it'll look like he left town rather than ended up in Dexter's six trash bags. "Luck is finally working with me."

Let's chalk it up to Dexter's pathology and social awkwardness that he doesn't recognize tempting fate when he blatantly does it, because no sooner are those words out of his mouth than he spots Sideswipey O'Tattleface next to his car, talking to the cops. "Seriously? Fuck!" hisses Dexter. Still savvy (...for the moment), Dexter grabs Arthur's wallet, puts it in the envelope with the cash, and hides it above a light fixture. Arthur himself doesn't stash so easily elsewhere, so he's going to have to bite the bullet and defuse the situation with Sideswipey before he can proceed. Unfortunately, Sideswipey isn't interested in being placated, and he's really not interested in Dexter flashing his laminate around and trying to play the brotherhood-in-blue thing. Unfortunately for Dexter, these sheriff's department officers are also not impressed. Dexter tries to more overtly ask for a pass, at which point Sideswipey pulls out his camera phone to record the corruption. At which point Dexter loses his shit. He grabs the phone and smashes it on the ground, at which point the officers throw him down and arrest him. So Arthur's gonna have to cool his heels in the van for a while longer.

Elsewhere, Deb and Valerie hit up a semi-distant neighborhood, with Val regaling an uninterested Deb with tales of how great Harry was. They arrive at the house Val says belonged to Harry's C.I. on the side. And that's when Deb's jaw hits the ground. "It fucking can't be," she gasps. Val just keeps right on yakking about the porch or some such awfulness, but Deb looks like she might pass out. "I've been here before," she says, before we flash back to the Ice Truck Killer, a.k.a. Brian Moser, a.k.a. Dexter's brother's kidnapping her and keeping her here, in this house, preparing to kill her. When Deb says Brian's name, Val sparks recognition. "That was her name," she exclaims, "Laura Moser! She had two little boys." Deb gets even more gobsmacked and wonders aloud what the shit her dad was involved in.

So Dexter's in lockup, pacing angrily and arguing with Harry and His Warming Glow. Harry gives Dexter shit for losing it on a cop, while Dexter rages about how he couldn't well get caught with an unconscious body ("fuck you, it's your number-one rule!" h

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