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Walls Closing In
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So the Phantom Arsonist hasn't stopped, as we begin with Dexter arriving at a crime scene at which Batista is already questioning some people. This time, there were witnesses to the PA walking out of the fire in a silver suit, although one woman's claim that he looked about seven feet tall doesn't seem particularly credible. The city does have a pro basketball team, though. This is all so DVO can tell us -- as we see Whack-A-Phil milling about and a covered corpse being wheeled out -- how the idea that an actual person could do this is too awful, so we invent phantoms and other fanciful bullshit to make it easier to take. "But even the strongest of imaginations can't protect us once we know the truth." Deb accosts Dexter to ask where he was the night before, as she wanted to go over some case, but from his silence, she realizes he was with Hannah. Funny that she goes there first instead of guessing that he killed someone, but now we know which she thinks is worse. Quinn and Whack-A-Phil appear to report that they found no DNA or prints, but that it was the same accelerant used and there was another "Bobby" written at the scene. Deb says that's five of them in two weeks and she and Quinn agree that he must be signing his name. Like, that seems dubious, but it's not like they're going to spend any time trying to follow that up. We also learn that there were two victims this time -- a mother and her six-year-old daughter -- and Deb wonders what kind of person could do that. From across the room, Dexter's gaze focuses on Whack-A-Phil examining the corpses, as DVO intones, "Maybe the kind who isn't bothered by the sight of a dead child."

Dexter turns up at Hannah's (he has a key now, it seems) with food and confirms that she just got her stitches out. Her inquiry about his mood leads him to tell her about the PA killing and she tells him she's getting the feeling he'd like to put the PA on his table. Dexter grimaces and says he promised Deb he wouldn't take any cases from the PD and I never thought he was sincere about that, especially given his casually gleeful explanation of the technicality by which he went after Hannah. But okay, let's take him at his word. Hannah points out that their relationship is proof that he doesn't always listen to Deb, but Dexter sharply repeats that he can't kill the PA. He then apologizes, saying that he's frustrated -- while he wants to be there with her, his Dark Passenger would like to be elsewhere. Hannah's like, who in the what now?, so he tries to explain about how it feels like this thing living inside him that's telling him what to do and leaving him no alternative. Hannah's a bit put off by the idea that he thinks he doesn't have a choice and tries to tell him that it's just him -- he wants the PA dead, which is perfectly understandable. Dexter tells her she just doesn't get it, so she asks him to explain further and to ignore the knock on the door they just heard; Dexter replies that a lot of people feel like they want to kill someone, but for Dexter, he has to follow through. Hannah still isn't understanding him, as she follows through on killing all the time (love how conversational she is about it), but she doesn't have a "Dark Passenger" and speaking of things I love, it's great how two people now this season have heard about the Dark Passenger thing and been like, "That's Smurfy, dude." Any further discussion is curtailed by Dexter seeing a man, presumably the one who just knocked at the window; when Hannah turns to look, the guy is like, "Hi, Banana!" Hannah doesn't sound super-psyched about that nickname and I can't say I blame her, but at least her father (that's who it is, don't you know) is being played by Jim Beaver, who's got film credits going all the way back to Silkwood. But you'd know best for series-regular runs as Whitney Ellsworth on Deadwood and Bobby Singer on Supernatural. Perfect gruff, fatherly type who can slip into evil at a moment's notice...

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