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Palm Trees Dangerous
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Previously: Miguel wanted to make Ellen Wolf his and Dexter's next target, but Dex explained that she'd never killed anyone, thus didn't fit the Code. Ellen told Maria all of the dastardly deeds that Miguel had committed as ADA, yet didn't have any real evidence to back up her claims. Rita's not having fun being pregnant. Angel and Barbara hooked up. Anton was used as bait for The Skinner. Deb formulated a theory that a tree trimmer is The Skinner. She and Anton made cop/CI love. Yuki told Deb that Quinn's laziness was the cause of another cop's death.

Oh God, it's another scene of Dexter and Miguel acting like DUDES. There's pizza and beer and they're scrambling to eat it as fast as they can because they are DUDES. The scene is in slo-mo as Dexter VO's that he has heard that everything is connected. The butterfly effect. A pebble was dropped into the ocean, causing ripples, until eventually a fish grew arms and legs. It climbed out of the water, picked up a rock, and bashed two fish over the heads. The first serial killer was born. Justify much? That's like me saying that man walked on the moon and now I can't stop drinking Diet Coke. I guess I can see how Dexter's trying to find his connection with the world around him, but it makes you worry about the strength of his Code (i.e. Why not just kill Deb or Rita? That might be fun!) when he uses reasoning like that to explain his urges. Also, they're eating pizza that was delivered, yet Miguel is cutting the slices. Now, maybe someone can point out an exception, but as far as I know -- and I take a certain amount of pride in the fact that I've had pizza in many, many places -- when do you get a pizza delivered that's not already sliced? And, it's apparently really hot. It's not impossible, but it's unlikely. Right? I just find the artificialities in their friendship clichéd and grating. Like now -- Miguel runs to the TV and asks Dexter what channel ESPN is on his cable provider. Dex says he thinks it's a high number. (It was the running to the TV and desperate need to see THE GAME that I found annoying. Whatever, I'll stop now.)

Miguel screams at the TV screen with a mouth full of pizza, "No way that's not a foul, man!" Dexter responds that, yes, the basketball player indeed did something wrong to the other basketball player. Dexter has revealed to Miguel that he's not a sports fan. He says that he is more of a National Geographic guy. "Sharks, bears, the occasional penguin." That's the name of Dexter's next children's book. The Occasional Penguin. Miguel says that Dexter does "have other interests." Dexter cautiously agrees. So, Miguel RUNS (He's got to stop it with the running) to Dexter's computer, prompting a Dex VO -- "Boundaries." That's pretty good. You can feel his tension as Miguel sits down at his desk. Somebody doesn't like to share. Does like to shank people. No worries, because the computer is password protected. Miguel responds, "Oh yeah, trust issues." Dex wordlessly agrees and enters the password while Miguel respectfully covers his eyes.

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