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Fanning The Flames
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Previously: Lundy seemed to be getting closer to discovering Dexter's true identity. Deb revealed to Doakes that Dexter's not in NA. Dexter asked Harry's friend Camilla if she could hook him up with the case file of his mother's crime scene. Doakes continued his harassment by listening in on the tape Dexter found of Harry and Laura Moser, so Dexter asked LaGuerta to file a formal complaint. LaGuerta confronted Doakes about it first, and it didn't go so well. Lila came to dinner at Rita's, and it went okay, but then later Lila left an overly detailed message on Dexter's machine about their road trip as Rita listened. Not cool! Rita called things off, sending a frustrated Dexter right into Lila's arms. And by "arms" I mean "vagina." Deb told Gabe how much she "respects" Lundy, and Gabe got jealous.

So, I have no idea what the title of this episode means. I Googled it, and it seems to be loosely taken from Where The Wild Things Are, which I guess makes some sense, but it still seems rather obscure to me. Whatevs.

We open with Dexter and Lila, who are fucking. Deliberately. Lila is giving Dexter direction: "Light, feathery strokes...perfect." Okay, it's official. This bitch has got to go. Ugh. I mean, it's important to know what you want in the sack, but to give such...irritating directions...I don't know. Not feelin' it. As the camera pans in on the pair, there are some interestingly spidery shadows on Dexter's back, and they share a big ol' orgasm. I can safely say that I never want to see Lila's O Face ever again. Don't get me wrong: she's very fetching, but this character is giving me the creeps, and not in a cool, Dexter-y way. Dexter falls to the side, and says, "You really know what you want, don't you?" Yeah, she does, and she'll manipulate the fuck out of you to get it. Wake up, bro! "I hope you don't mind," she replies. I do. Okay, I'll stop. For this paragraph. "No, I've always found instruction manuals quite useful," says Dex. "Okay, your turn. What do you want?" asks Lila. "I think that was it." "Come on. You must have some dark fantasies." Oh, brother. "I'm pretty good at acting on those." Heh, yeah. When you're with Rita, goddammit. "Then, fuck me like that." Gross. He does. Not awesome. Opposite of awesome.

As Lila sees Dexter out, he notices the light outside of her front door is burned out. Lila says it's the wiring, and that she's been asking the landlord to fix it for weeks. She takes off her shoe and breaks the light outside what I presume is her landlord's apartment. We get it. She gets what she wants. Bravo. "Now I can see better," says Dex, seemingly kind of disturbed. "Now he'll have to fix it," she replies, and sends Dex off with a kiss. "Got to admire Lila for taking things into her own hands," Dex VOs. Do I? "That includes me."

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