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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Let Me Investigate Your Brother
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Previously: Dexter tracked down Cole Harmon at Jordan Chase's seminar, where he became acquainted with the suited shaman. LaGuerta got Manzon to lie that Deb was responsible for the Club Mayan debacle. Liddy found out that Lumen arrived in town a week before Rita's death. Dex killed Cole with Lumen in the room and she loved it. Dex found out that Jordan was a bad guy. Liddy took pics of Dex and Lumen throwing trash bags (with Cole inside of them) off of his boat.

We begin with Dexter on a treadmill and what appears to be the open sky behind him. He tells us that, on a good day, when he's running, the voices in his head quiet. It turns into just him and his breath and his feet on the sand. Interesting. I kinda feel the opposite, like it's a time to turn your inner voice on full blast, because you're already expending so much energy that your head won't explode from all of the thinking. As you can imagine, I like it when I don't have things in common with Dexter. Well, Dex tells us that this isn't one of those good days of running. It's a day of running with Jordan Chase. Weird. Jordan tells Dexter to pick up the pace. He's having his private session with Jordan and was hoping to find evidence that Jordan was involved with the Barrel Girls killings and with Lumen's abduction. He reminds us that his code dictates that he know for sure that one of his victims is actually a bad guy. Jordan tells him to run faster again. Odd, since Dexter is built like a brick house and probs could run circles around Jonny Lee Miller (who is lovely too, just saying).

Jordan says that he knows that Dexter probably isn't getting what he wanted out of this session and Dex is like, yeah, well, kinda not. But, of course he's talking about the clues. Dexter is very lucky that he gets to answer so many questions truthfully and the person doesn't know what he's really answering. Jordan says that intense exercise breaks down your defenses and brings out your feelings. Dexter replies that he's feeling like he'd like to talk about things on a couch. Jordan stops his treadmill and tells Dex to trust him. This is the way to build the new Dexter. He reminds Dexter about a talking point at his seminar -- the one about how tragedy fractures us. He says that tragedy is also an opportunity to build yourself into the person you want to be. He's telling me that I didn't use the premature cancellation of thirtysomething to its fullest potential? Well, this is an entirely new tragedy and I will be a triathlete by December.

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