Talk To The Hand

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Talk To The Hand, Because The Face Is Unconscious
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Dexter "turns up" to the Ricochet Rabbit, and after Deb "fills him in" on what's going on, Masuka (?), dressed in a hazmat suit, steps off the boat and tells them it's safe, but there are traces of two elements that combine to make poison gas, and if it were to be released in a closed environment, it could kill a lot of people. After a quick look at Holly's corpse (actually, they haven't even gotten her all the way up to the boat, so I guess they've decided for whatever reason that any inspection of her body will yield nothing), they head inside, where Deb dispatches Anderson to inform LaGuerta that they need to alert Homeland Security, and then the rest of them speculate about Doomsday_Adam's death. Dexter gives a summation of what seems to have happened, and the show is so kind as to give us a quick flashback to Dexter killing him, even though that happened right at the end of the last episode and they also INCLUDED THAT SHOT IN THE PREVIOUSLIES NOT ONE MINUTE AGO. Seriously, do people get offended by the show treating them like three-year-olds? I've seen more faith in the viewer from episodes of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?. When Deb pulls off the mask and recognizes Doomsday_Adam, Greene pipes up that he gave Batista a lead about him the day before. Deb wonders where, then, Batista is...

...and we get a quick answer to that question, as Colin Hanks is just, I guess, re-tying Batista's wrists behind his back before diffidently telling him that in the new world order, he'll wish he'd had faith. Batista, however, affirms his belief in God, but Colin Hanks is unimpressed, saying he'd better start praying to Him, and fast. Nice try, Colin Hanks, but it's way too late to wish for this season to be any good. Colin Hanks then gives Beth a pep talk, saying how it's just so great that she's going to be the one to carry out God's will, and how she's going to get to see God's promised kingdom before he does, so you can plainly understand that he's convinced her to walk into Tuscaloosa Metro and set off the wormwood tableau. He shows her how to activate the device, which he's concealed in a backpack, and informs her that it will take only a couple seconds for the two ingredients to mix before giving her Batista's key card and instructing her on how to use it to bypass the security check-in and metal detector. He then smiles at her that it's "the beginning of the end," and I suppose she's too under his thrall to point out that he's only half right in her case.

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