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Get Thee to an Owenery
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Previously: Laguerta's showboating caused the deaths of innocent people at Club Mayan. Liddy is extorting money from Quinn to find out who Lumen is. Jordan Chase's assistant, Cole (one of Lumen's captors), tried to hide all of the dead girl bodies, but had a wreck instead and spilled them all over the road. Dexter found a picture in his house of Boyd, Cole and Dan the dentist when they were all teens. They have no idea what it means.

We open with black and white footage of animals killing other animals. Nature is disgusting. The voiceover is from Jordan Chase. I believe this is the first time Dexter's voice isn't the first thing we've heard at the open. So, Jordan explains that nature has it right. They follow their instincts, but now we have skyscrapers instead of trees and we apparently don't electrocute blonde girls in our basements on a frequent basis as is our primal urge. But, Jordan says we'll be delivered. It's time to eff our stupid jobs and our stupid spouses and follow our instincts. The crowd of mostly men cheers deliriously around Dexter, who is watching uncomfortably. He says he can't remember being around so many people who made him seem normal. While that realization seems a little too world-aware for Dexter, um, true dat. These people are scary. This show has made me wary of Hawaiian shirts as it is, but this seminar is dotted with chubby hysterical dudes wearing them and now I'm terrified. Jordan has apparently branded the powers of risk, desire and instinct, for the crowd shouts "Take It!" and fist pumps after he says each of them.

This seminar is especially helpful in allowing Dexter to segue when he sees Cole Harmon. He VOs that instincts are all that he's ever had and now it's time for him to tap into his own primal urge. Cole is so dead, y'all.

Meanwhile, LaGuerta is swarmed by reporters when she arrives at the station and she's not her usual press monger self. They ask her if she believes that Miami Metro Homicide are responsible for the shootings. No comment. Does she agree with the Mayor that the operation put many innocent people at risk? No comment. Has she personally retained counsel? What the?! The reporter says that the victims' families are filing a civil suit. Ouch, LG. Things just got real. She pushes through the reporters.

Inside, she asks Batista if they've gotten a report from ballistics. They have and it's good news. The bullets from the innocent victims were from the guns of the Fuentes brothers, not the police. LaGuerta seems relieved, but she says that this isn't over. She's upset after hearing about the Mayor's criticisms of the department. Quinn says it's a good example of how shit rolls downhill. Batista says that he should have kept his mouth shut until he knew all of the facts. LaGuerta, who really seems on the verge of tears, says that the Mayor is right. The operation was responsible for the deaths of innocent people. Deb, who is suspiciously calm, says that the bullets were not from their guns, but LaGuerta says that shots would never have been fired if they hadn't been set up there. Batista says the upside is that one of the Fuentes brothers is dead. OK, she's actually crying, I think. She says that none of them should have any illusions -- there will be consequences for the botched operation. Jesus, that woman takes NO responsibility for herself, does she? While, frankly, I've missed her ruthlessness a little, it kind of pisses me off when mixed with this overly emotional bullshit. I'd like to think she was a little more self-aware than this. But, maybe she's just a survivor and her ruthlessness is just an instinct. Uh oh, we're talking about stinky ins again. She stomps into her office and Deb looks way over it.

Masuka says that he's seen that look on LaGuerta's face before. It means that someone is about to get bent over her desk and fucked, if he does so subtly say so himself. Manzon thinks it's going to be her, but Deb reminds her that they were all following LaGuerta's orders. She asks Batista if he's written his report yet and gets a little pushy, clearly wondering if he's going to tell the truth about his wife's judgment.

A woman walks off of the elevator and Batista goes to greet her. Quinn asks who it is -- it's Yasmin's mother. He asks Deb if she's alright and she reminds him that no one is crying for the dude that she killed. Quinn asks her if she feels bad or something and she says she doesn't -- which is the problem. OK, I'm sure more will be made of this in the future. At present, I can't even wrap my brain around the possibilities because there are tons of them and I only have so much brain. And, it's not that much. But, seriously, I never ever thought I'd hear her say anything like that. It reminds me of something that Joe Reid said recently. He thinks that Deb has to have some sort of inkling about the offness of Dexter.

Yasmin's mother is about to identify her daughter's body with Batista at her side. He tells her that she didn't feel any pain, which I'm not sure is true since she screamed and made a really painful face when she got shot, but I guess that's a victim-free lie. She says that she's ready and they raise the sheet covering Yasmin. The poor lady weeps and holds onto Batista.

Back to Dexter at the seminar and not a moment too soon. Sometimes, the scenes in the station are a drag, this being one of those times. Jordan Chase says that everybody's gonna die and Dexter VOs "some sooner than others." Then, Jordan says, "some sooner than others." Dexter has this look on his face, like, "that's my line." It's nice that the writers are having a little fun with the voiceover. They don't always have to be a dirge! Jordan says that most people are already dead, but he's gonna teach them to Take It! But, first, there's a break.

Dex VOs that Jordan promises change and accepts credit cards. Lumen calls and asks if he can talk. She hasn't found out how Cole, Owen and Dan the dentist knew each other when they were young. She found out that Cole was a marine and was dishonorably discharged for beating up a superior officer so badly that it put him in the hospital. He'd probably gotten bounced even if the guy hadn't gone to the hospital, but Lumen's point is that he's dangerous. She tells Dex that the marks that were on her back were from Cole and that he should be careful. He asks her if she's sleeping and she says that she falls into a deep sleep every night... from 1 to 1:15. Whoa! Didn't see that coming. Yes I did. So, here's something interesting. As she's saying that, Dexter cranes his neck because something apparently catches his eye. The camera rests for a couple of seconds on a woman who looks a lot like Sonya. That can't be an accident.

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