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Breaking Bad

Deb sits for a long time, but finally looks into LaGuerta's eyes: "I think you have been under a lot of stress." LaGuerta's disappointed, but unbowed: "You know what I think? I think I'm not the only one who made a mistake trying to protect someone they care about." Good play there, trying to build shared experience with Deb, and even though Deb covers, you can be pretty sure that landed. Deb asks if there's anything else, and LaGuerta's like no, but I suggest you study up because the questions are only going to get harder.

Back in the park, Dexter does indeed find that Mrs. Estrada leads him to her husband, as they sit together on a park bench while a bunch of kids play around them. Dexter observes Mrs. Estrada hand Estrada a large paper bag full of supplies, one of which he surreptitiously slips into his waistband, so either now he's packing or he's a fan of some really peculiar sensations down there. I mean, it's not crazy -- he was in prison.

The wife takes off, probably already having some explaining to do to whatever lay about she's living with now, and speaking of which, Dexter observes Estrada lean back on the bench and worries that he might be there all day. However, looking at the kids playing nearby, he gets an idea...

...and soon he's paying off two young boys to do him a favor. He takes off, and then the boys throw a baseball into Estrada's chest at close range, which produces the desired effect of him chasing after them. They lead him out the park entrance, which just so happens to be right by Dexter's car, whereupon, after he shouts some threats in Spanish after the kids, Dexter injects him in the neck and hustles him into the back of his SUV. I mean, doing this in broad daylight does seem ridiculous, but I guess if no one was going to raise an eye at some gringo paying off two young boys for no reason that we can see, the general observation level isn't too sharp. Dexter then gets a call from Deb and says he'll meet her in fifteen minutes...

...while Hannah, apparently having been stabilized, is showing signs of life as she moves a couple fingers. And they're on her poisoning hand, too!

In his car, parked in some construction site or dump or something (all these clandestine meetings they've had this season have really shown us the side of "Miami" the tourists never see), Dexter is at a loss to know what to do with this latest news. He once again apologizes for Deb getting involved in this side of his life, but then decides that if all LaGuerta has is the DVD, it won't be enough to prove anything, so he needs to discover what her next move is. Deb goes to the well again in asking if this is ever going to end, but he promises it will, and tells her to go back to work. She starts to get out of the car, but hears a noise and asks what it was; when Dexter tells her it's Estrada, the FML look on her face is seriously not to be matched. Hee.

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