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Breaking Bad

At the courthouse, Hannah is led in by some Sheriff Department non-speaking extra when she sees Deb and sardonically asks what she's doing there. Deb, matching her tone, reminds her she was the arresting officer; they trade barbs for a bit, but then Hannah laughs that with all the Xanax she's taking, Deb must have trouble sleeping at night. Catching the snap, Deb grits that Hannah doesn't know anything about her, but Hannah positively grins as she says that Deb's the Lieutenant of Homicide, but knows exactly what Dexter is, and while she's not going to give them up, "knowing that you have to live with it is punishment enough. Still, I'm curious -- how do you justify arresting me and not him?" Deb tries to tell Hannah that she's a liar and a killer, but Hannah won this exchange long before the coup de grace: "But not a hypocrite." However you parse it, Hannah certainly never claimed the moral rectitude that Deb always has, pretty much, so it's no surprise that Deb doesn't have a comeback. Hannah's led away...

...and then we cut to the arraignment, the conclusion of which is that bail is unsurprisingly denied. But then Schram stands up and gets all "Oh no, Hannah!" and the two of them embrace -- but not without Schram slipping something into Hannah's hand. Hannah sincerely thanks her for whatever she just did, and then, under cover of putting her hands to her mouth in a gesture of horror and despair, ingests what I can only assume is a pill Schram just gave her. Based on general principles, Schram, I'd wash your fingers at least three times before you put them in your mouth.

Batista comes in to see LaGuerta and tells her that she needs to show up to his New Year's Eve/retirement party to mend fences, and that it wouldn't feel right without her there. And I'm trying not to allude to the end of the episode, but boy, is he more right than he knows. LaGuerta is touched by his concern and promises to be there, and when he's gone, takes a look at what just could be a fateful package in her hands.

In the paddy wagon, Hannah starts having some kind of seizure, and when she keels over, the guards call for an ambulance. I know she wrote the book on dosage, so I have to admire her accuracy because those convulsions look like no joke to me... it's no surprise she's rushed into the ER. A doctor says something about contacting her next of kin, which is a great idea as long as they have sonar available.

Dexter follows Mrs. Estrada to a public park, and DVO hopes that she still cares enough for Estrada to lead Dexter to him. Yeah, that'd be helpful. Can we move this along?

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