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Breaking Bad

She leaves, and I'll break my Harry embargo for some important exposition: It's been six days since Estrada escaped Dexter, and he still hasn't found him; if LaGuerta gets to him first, she'll put him up in some safe house to testify against Dexter. Dexter goes to his computer...

...and then it's the next day, as DVO lets us know that Dexter is arriving at the last-known address of Estrada's wife, who he thinks is Estrada's only contact left in Miami. He knocks, and when a middle-aged Latina woman answers, he identifies himself as "Arthur Curry," Estrada's parole officer. (Another instance where Dexter's reluctance to wear disguises should come back to bite him -- he doesn't think, once he kills Estrada, the police might come talk to his wife, even if they're not together anymore?)

The woman tells Dexter she hasn't seen Estrada in years as some male voice (not Estrada's) calls to her from within. She replies that it's a neighbor, and then steps out and tells him in hushed tones that he shouldn't come there again. Noting she's still wearing a wedding ring, Dexter wonders why she's still married to Estrada, and she shrugs: "I'm Catholic." Ha! I think this actress got hired solely on her delivery of that line, and good work to all involved. Back in his car, DVO notes that the wife gave herself away in the blink of an eye: "Sometimes it only takes a moment to reveal who we really are." If you're paying attention, you know what that means...'s time for more Doakes! The guy he suspects has apparently claimed another victim, or at least that's what Doakes is hoping Dexter will prove. Hilariously enough, the crime happened by a boat, and what ensues is that Dexter positively dances out a reenactment of the crime. It reminds me of nothing more than that time Sal on Mad Men acted out the steps for his Ann-Margret look-alike TV spot, by the end of which Sarah Drew was like, "Okay, everyone who said I married a gay dude was right." In this case, Doakes is like, "You like this blood shit a little too much," and while the words might not do his newfound suspicion justice, the industrial-strength clamp of his jaw leaves no doubt as to what he's thinking.

Back in the car, Dexter sees Mrs. Estrada walk by and head to her car, and pulls out in pursuit...

...while back at the station, Captain Jack comes in, having been summoned by LaGuerta, and I guess he knew about her zeal for the Dexter-is-a-killer theory more than anyone; regardless of what he believes, he tells her that the Commissioner is planning to open an investigation, and he might be dragged in to testify, at which point he'll have to tell everyone how, from his point of view, she ignored open-and-shut evidence that Doakes was the BHB. LaGuerta tells him people still respect him, and all but begs him to have her back; if he even could say she had reasonable suspicion it would be invaluable to her defense. He, however, keeps up with the cheap shots until she asks him to stop kicking her when she's down, and you can practically see him creak under the strain, but he complies. She tells him her job is on the line, and much like with Hannah and Dexter, I think there's something in Captain Jack that won't do to her what she did to him, so I believe him when he agrees to do what he can to help her. He tells her to keep her head low, and he must really be taking that "don't kick me when I'm down" thing seriously not to add "not that that will be a problem for you," and then, beckoning to the stacks of unopened mail in her office, suggests that actually doing her job might be a way to keep hope of retaining it alive. Knowing he's right, LaGuerta gets to work.

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