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Breaking Bad

Well, I spoke too soon -- without preamble, LaGuerta references "what [they] talked about," and without further ado hands him what can only be a key to his place he'd given her at some point. Looking kind of devastated, he asks if she doesn't at least want to think about it, but she shakes her head. And she might not have had an office back then, but still, right in MM's town square, LaGuerta? Cold. Doakes then realizes that Dexter's sneaked up on him, and calls him invisible...

...but in the present, DVO notes that he's not invisible anymore. Elsewhere, Batista accosts LaGuerta and tells her he's discovered she was behind Estrada's release, and it's true this looks pretty bad on the "she tried to frame Dexter" front. But I admit it's still hard to believe that Batista, who was married to LaGuerta, could think she's obsessed with Dexter for no reason. Sure, Dexter seems harmless, but these are cops! Whenever anyone seems like a nice guy who keeps mostly to himself, they should be running a background check! Batista does get through to LaGuerta how damaging what she's done could be -- she could even lose her job -- but also says that if anyone can damage-control her way out of this, it's she. Looking shaken but determined, she takes his hand and thanks him for the friendly advice...

...while in the land of less righteous conspirators, Deb turns up to Dexter's and tells him they need to talk. With a hilarious look of distaste, she shoves Hannah's plant to the side before sitting on Dexter's desk and asking for maybe a warning next time he's going to get himself arrested, "or make our Captain look like a fucking lunatic?" Well, he's been turning you into a lunatic all season, Deb, but I suppose you're only a lieutenant. Dexter's like, hey, she won't come after me anymore, and besides, she's still way ahead in the "careers destroyed" column, so who cares?

Deb continues to complain about this -- far too much, if you ask me -- but it does allow Dexter to reply, "Would you prefer my normal method of conflict resolution?" In response, the Mojave Desert is like, "That line was a bit dry, bro." Dexter does admit he didn't like doing this, but at least it's over, but Deb notes that he keeps saying that, and by the way, Hannah knows all about him, right? Well, Deb, you might have thought of that little nuance before you swore to bring her in at all costs, but Dexter assures her he's got nothing to worry about from her -- "because she's in love with me." Deb's like, let's hope so, and BTW, why don't you not show your face at the office tomorrow?

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