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Breaking Bad

This is where Dexter shows just how ugly he is, asking if this is about LaGuerta's desperate need to believe that Doakes wasn't a killer, going on that she's so hurt, angry and scared; it's the condescension in his voice that really makes him loathsome. LaGuerta swears she's going to nail him to the wall, but Masuka then busts in with news that the shirt LaGuerta claimed to recover was actually the shirt Estrada was wearing when he was arrested back in 1973 -- the arresting officer broke his nose. Wasn't there another instance where blood only a handful of years old had degraded beyond recognition? Maybe it was stored more carefully, but if we're going to go down that road, isn't it worth investigating how "LaGuerta" got the shirt out of evidence? Remember how they looked into the missing blood that Quinn took? Not that it's definite they could prove it either way, but if Dexter and not LaGuerta visited the place where the shirt was being kept, that would be fairly conclusive, no?

But everyone needs to believe that LaGuerta framed Dexter here, which I suppose is more understandable given that Masuka found a partial print on the wallet -- LaGuerta's. Deb asks if LaGuerta's trying to frame Dexter, and LaGuerta in turn wheels and snarls that Dexter set her up. Dexter asks in his little-boy voice if he can go, and if he's going to play it this way maybe he shouldn't have run LaGuerta over the coals just now...

...especially since, when he's on the elevator with the doors closing, LaGuerta slips on with him. She looks at him like he's a snake as she tells him he set her up, just like he set up Doakes, and he's probably already killed Estrada, so she's not going to be able to prove anything. She congratulates him, but when she gets off, tells him, "[Doakes] always knew there was something wrong with you." Dexter's like, thanks for letting the viewers who joined us after Season Two know...

...but this is our cue for a Doakes "flashback" -- I mean the quotes to indicate that we're going back in time, but the footage is new, as Erik King, in his inimitable voice, is like, "Surprise, motherfuckah!" He's talking to Dexter, who's wearing like that exact complete dork-o expression he was sporting on the Season Two poster, which is a detail that is absolutely HILARE enough it may actually factor into my episode grade. Hee.

Doakes asks if Dexter got his report, and the answer is yes; they talk about the latest of three victims of the same killer, who apparently stabbed this most recent prostitute over two dozen times despite the forensic analysis revealing the very first one killed her. Sounds like he's OCD, too. That's a clue! Doakes, who's not showing the same distrust of Dexter early viewers of the show will remember, actually has a suspect, but says he's a slippery one, and he can never get anything on him. Dexter, who even at these best of times is short of conversational topics to share with Doakes, just kind of sits there, but he's spared any further awkwardness by Doakes catching sight of LaGuerta beckoning to him.

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