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Breaking Bad

Batista talks about how weird retirement is, but I have the feeling that he's going to change his mind as a consequence of how the episode ends. When Deb hears from Batista that LaGuerta was planning to be there but hasn't turned up, alarm bells go off in her head, and she calls Dispatch and learns that LaGuerta's vehicle is heading for the shipping yards. I assume that means LaGuerta called in her intent because if officers' cars have location finders on them as a matter of course, I don't know how Deb is going to explain any of her driving this season. Deb calls Dexter and leaves him an urgent message begging him not to do whatever he's thinking of doing...

...while Hannah, dressed all in black, leaves a plant in front of Dexter's door as a remembrance, and then glides away like...well, a lizard on ice, if you'll forgive a little convenient appropriation.

Down at the shipping yards, LaGuerta, gun and flashlight out, enters the open container. Estrada's corpse is enough of a distraction, I guess, that's she's unprepared for Dexter to do his patented appearance out of nowhere, and she's unconscious in a heartbeat. He then reveals his plan: He gave LaGuerta a low enough dose of M99 so it won't be found in her system (oh really?), and he's going to discharge her gun into Estrada's chest right at the point of the stab wound, and then use Estrada's gun to shoot LaGuerta. I'm not sure the amount of blood Estrada has left is going to seem consistent with a shot that apparently killed him instantly, but that's probably the least of Dexter's worries at the moment...

...especially since Deb is now arriving on the scene, gun in hand. She hears a shot and rushes into the container, wherein she finds Dexter getting LaGuerta ready for the end. When he sees his sister, he tells her she shouldn't be there, and in a little-girl voice, she tells him he can't do this. As she tries to convince him, LaGuerta regains some measure of consciousness, which is pretty much the final step in the die being cast irrevocably. Hearing Deb hysterically tell Dexter that he can't do this, LaGuerta tells Deb to shoot Dexter, and she might be overplaying her hand here, but she is on elephant tranquilizers.

Dexter grabs a knife, but Deb covers him as LaGuerta keeps saying she needs to shoot Dexter. Dexter looks sadly at Deb, the knife in his hand, while LaGuerta tells her that "this" isn't who Deb is. "You're a good cop. You're a good person. You're not like him. Put him down!" Deb's confusion and desperation are palpable, and Dexter finally realizes what he's done to her as he admits everything LaGuerta said is true, and Deb's a good person. "It's okay." He's giving her leave to kill him (or at least shoot him; death doesn't have to be the result for him here), and he drops the knife. He quotes another killer -- "Do what you gotta do" -- and Deb, crying, utters his name -- and SHOOTS LAGUERTA DEAD.

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