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Breaking Bad

...and in the present, DVO muses that it was a mistake to try to act human in front of Doakes. "All I did was reveal how fake I was." I'd be interested to go back and rewatch Season Two now because I don't recall Dexter being quite that bad at seeming normal, but I have the feeling I'm misremembering.

LaGuerta's in her car, presumably on the way to the party, when she gets a call from Estrada, who tells her he needs her help -- he's back at the shipyard, in the same container. You'd think this would be a red flag for her, but the prize of a living Estrada, who could testify against Dexter, looks like it's going to be too much for her to resist, as she makes a U-turn.

Meanwhile, Estrada is of course back on Dexter's table, and I can't believe he really thought Dexter would let him go, but regardless of what happens to him, he probably doesn't mind putting LaGuerta in harm's way after the way she used him. Anyway, Dexter informs Estrada that he will not in fact be departing, and Estrada, after railing against Dexter for a bit, finally apologizes for killing his mother. Dexter asks if it was hard to do so, and Estrada yells that she was a snitch, so it was her or him, and besides, it was forty years ago. But it's obvious Dexter's statute of limitations on that particular crime has not expired, so he asks if killing his mother made Estrada feel bad, and I'm not exactly a Dexter sympathizer these days, but I do appreciate him avoiding my pet peeve "feel badly." You don't "feel badly" unless you're stabbing someone with your fingers, and Dexter pretty much always uses a knife.

Dexter muses that killing Estrada is going to be easy, but he has an upcoming kill that won't be so, and Estrada, trying to bond as a last resort, asks why he's doing it. Dexter replies that it's to protect himself and his sister, and Estrada tries to tell him that's okay -- he's doing it for "the normal reasons." Dexter's amused by the idea, as he's never killed for normal reasons. "I used to think I was special; a special kind of killer. But tonight, I'm not." Estrada asks what he is, then, and Dexter's answer shows that he knows what he's become: "I'm just a creep motherfucker." He raises the knife and stabs Estrada, as viciously as he ever has swung a blade, and then takes a moment to digest it all...

...while at the restaurant, everyone's already dancing and having a good time -- everyone except Dexter and LaGuerta, of course. Also, despite the fact that he once grossly hit on her, Jamie takes pity on drunken sad-sack Quinn and chats him up, so I guess that's something to look "forward" to in Season Eight.

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