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Breaking Bad
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In prison, Hannah, wearing the orange jumpsuit we last saw on Isaak Pullo -- it's been a pretty heavy season on the putting-people-in-jail front for Dexter -- walks out of lockup and sits in the visiting room with Dexter. It's uncomfortable, as you might expect when Dexter has made Hannah a "life partner" in not exactly the way she anticipated, and she looks at him for a long time while he tries unsuccessfully to come up with anything to say. She finally offers that it looks like he got some sun, and he replies, "The boat" before asking if they're treating her okay. She sardonically tells him she gets ten minutes outside a day, and adds, with the same brittle smile, "My cellmate seems nice. She robbed a liquor store so she could buy some meth." Well, Hannah, she may well be nice, but I have to say in that tone it sounds bad.

Dexter starts to apologize, but she cuts him off, bitterly saying that he claimed to love her, but he intones in a voice that will brook no dissent, "You poisoned Debra." And lied about it to his face very convincingly, I will add, since Dexter doesn't. Hannah takes in the expression on his face and decides that further denial is useless, so she tells him it's because Deb was trying to keep them apart, and adds that Dexter could have just broken up with her. I have to admit that solution never occurred to me, probably because, as Dexter points out, that would only have completely freed her up to kill Deb.

Hannah goes on that she's going to spend the rest of her life behind bars, and when Dexter breathes that she left him no choice, she counters that he did have a choice -- and he was supposed to choose her. When Dexter snaps that Deb's his sister, the vehemence of his response leads her sadly to note that she never stood a chance, and you can point out that she would have done better if she hadn't killed Price, but her point is still maybe kind of taken.

She stands to go, but, with his face breaking more than I ever remember seeing it, Dexter gets up and grabs her, begging her not to go. I'd think this is the part where someone would yell, "No touching," but this is going to seem like nothing in a couple minutes. Hannah wonders why he's even there, as she's not going to tell anyone "what" Dexter is. "I would never do that to you." Dexter ignores the frost coming off those words and plows on that he came because he needed her to know that if he could have thought of any other way to keep Deb safe, he would have opted for it. Hannah's suddenly heartened by how emotional he's getting, and when he goes on that he misses her so much, she smiles that she feels the same.

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