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Blood: It's What's For Dinner
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Apparently picking up pretty much where we left off, Deb exits Dexter's place onto the second-floor access balcony, and when he follows, not looking his least threatening, she runs, downstairs and out of the complex -- until her need to vomit can be contained no longer and she kneels down in front of the street and yaks. DVO: "I've dreaded this moment my whole life." Wait, Deb's never thrown up before? Jerry Seinfeld would be so proud. Oh, he means about her discovering his side gig as a serial killer. Dexter tries to put a hand on her, but she -- rather violently -- shoves him away and groans, in response to his question, that she's not okay. "I am never gonna fucking be okay!" Well, she's still working blue, so hope isn't lost. Getting to her feet, she asks, with the same barely-controlled rage in her voice, how long he's been doing this, and he admits he started when he was twenty. This threatens to bring a new round of chunks forth, but she presses on to her next question, which is: Is Dexter the Bay Harbor Butcher? Dexter tries to get her to come inside, pointing out that this could be bad if they're overheard, but he certainly does not deny her question. Deb's falling apart, though, so he has to try to tell her that he only kills certain kinds of people, like Colin Hanks, and it was Harry who gave him the code. This, you may not be surprised to hear, is not at all soothing to Deb, but I suppose after that revelation she has to hear the rest of the story, so she steels herself and heads back inside. It's not what you normally use it for, Dexter, but you might want to put some plastic wrap down.

Inside, Dexter confesses (and he's not faking; he's emotional for him here) that Harry found him in a pool of his mother's blood, and he understood why he had the urges he does. However, Deb, sitting on the floor, points out that horrible things happen to a lot of people, but they don't turn out like Dexter. Well, I'm not disagreeing with her in a general sense, but I'd have to say that the specific circumstances for Dexter seem pretty rare. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd unsuccessfully looked for a support group. With the dim light from outside flickering eerily, Dexter replies that he doesn't know about anyone else, but he has this need deep inside him -- he calls it his Dark Passenger. Deb: "You gave it a name?" It's been a long time since he recapped this show, but if that's not a shout out to my pal Joe Reid, I don't know what is. Dexter goes on that Harry's diagnosis was that the evil was within Dexter too deep and he couldn't change it, so he came up with the code as a means of harnessing it. Deb, with mild (but clear) disbelief, says that Dexter's making it sound like he's the victim. "The people in that box" -- she gestures to the blood slides -- "they're the victims." This gets Dexter's hackles up for the first time, and he rattles off a few of the horrible misdeeds of some of his victims; Deb spits that dealing with such people is what the police are for, but Dexter counters that sometimes the system doesn't work. Obviously, there's some part of us all that can understand the frontier justice Dexter administers or we wouldn't watch the show, so there's no point in debating it, but I wonder what Deb's reaction is going to be if and when she realizes the collateral damage of Dexter's little hobby. She already mentioned Doakes, and with LaGuerta's investigation, the question will surely come up as to what happened to him. Will Dexter be truthful about that, or about Jimmy Smits's character? Finally, will he come clean to her with the real story about Trinity, and Rita? At least I can't imagine she's going to be too upset about Lila.

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