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Finding a Tooth Fairy in a Haystack
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Previously: Dexter and Co. have a new killer and he put live snakes in somebody's gullet. Quinn proposed to Deb but she said no. He's not happy about that. Deb got offered the LT position instead of if going to Angel, but it appears that he's going to be a very good sport about the whole messy thing. Until he's not, I guess. Dexter zeroed in on Brother Sam, an ex-con that he planned on killing but discovered that the guy actually changed into a better person, which is not something he thought someone could do. Monsters with dark passengers might in fact be capable of change. Travis knocked a guy out on a jogging trail.

In slow-motion, we see a white toy horse being held by a baby hand doused in...blood? Nope, it's ketchup or jam or something. It is accompanied by the requisite creepy music-box, baby bed mobile lullaby music. I'm probably just projecting, but it feels like this is too often the opening. A dreamlike, shrouded view of some place where we're not sure where we are; pensive and vaguely comical score; then, the reveal -- hey, it's just breakfast! Fine, Dexter's a killer and he also lives a normal life so the juxtaposition is never really inappropriate, but cut the SLOW. We've seen all of this before. We know that a baby isn't covered in blood. I know it was only a few seconds, but I tire quickly now of the Dexter reveals. We simply know what's happening. Anyway, Jamie's trying to get Harrison to eat his breakfast and not play with the horse and he's apparently not having it. She kind of acts like she's wrestling a bear instead of a two-year old, but maybe he's super strong. Dexter VO's that, at Harrison's age, everything is important and has meaning, even a plastic horse. Deb storms out and says that it took her 20 minutes to decide what to wear. Dexter points out that she's merely wearing a jacket over her normal clothes. She says that she didn't want to overdo it. She still wants to look like herself, just "Lieutenant Me."

Both of them get a text at the same time. It's a crime scene, possible homicide. Deb says that she'll meet Dexter at the scene and he points out that Laguerta never came to crime scenes unless she knew the crimes were going to be high profile. She says that she's not Laguerta and he's like cool, sure. Then, she thinks further on it. It's her first day on the job. She should be at the station looking into the snakes killing, in her fucking office. Harrison gives a kiss on the head and tells him to have a good day and not to have any fruit roll-ups- they make him fart. Charmed. Harrison looks offended. As he's leaving, he wishes Deb luck and tells her that she's going to be great.

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