Sin of Omission

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"Do You Think Your Brother's Going To Kill You?"
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Dexter and Harrison buy pastries and coffee at their usual place, but Dexter tells "Francisco" that today he'll need something that's good for an apology for his sister. Ugh, their relationship is gross. (Dexter's and Deb's, not Dexter's and Francisco's.) DVO also babbles something insipid about kids being very trusting, although I'm assuming that he's excepting kids who watched their mothers be killed in front of them and then took a bath in their blood for days.

Dexter shows up to Deb's place, and she tells him he's got five minutes, because "some of us actually have to show up for work." Tough, but fair; I'm more focused on the realization that this set looks suspiciously like Dexter's apartment. He tries a little small talk, which, also reasonably, gets shot down, so he tries apologizing. Deb, being more level-headed than I expected (don't worry, it won't last), says she's sorry about Mos Def and Trinity both, but what she's concerned about is people thinking she gave him a week off in the middle of the DDK investigation, "which is only slightly better than them knowing that I didn't give you a week off!" Of course, she didn't bring up her professional reputation last week when she was bleating into her phone about her being his sister, but Dexter does admit that he exploited their personal relationship to avoid professional consequences, and Deb forgives him so she can bring him up to speed on their DDK revelation about there being two killers.

DVO is of course less than thrilled to learn that Miami Metro might be closing in on Colin Hanks, but Dexter asks the salient question of why "they" let the girl from last week, Holly, go. Deb's like, they tied body parts to mannequins and strung a girl up, who knows why crazy people do anything, of course completely missing the point that those events had specific significance vis-à-vis the Book of Revelations, whereas getting ready to sacrifice the Whore of Babylon and then letting her go isn't so much in Scripture. DVO agrees with me, saying that it sounds like Colin Hanks is having second thoughts, and you can make your own joke about how Colin Hanks has lots of "second thoughts" with EJO being a figment of his imagination. They head out, but not before Dexter obtains grudging permission to attend Mos Def's funeral. Man, I liked the character and all, but even I am ready to move on here.

Colin Hanks's sister (Lisa, I think?) emerges from the shower to discover that Colin Hanks has made breakfast for her. She thanks him and goes to get dressed, and he, of course, decides to take the garbage out so the show can have EJO appear and still make it technically, pathetically possible that he actually exists. He berates Colin Hanks for how he's chosen a "mundane" life, as if that isn't exactly the kind of non-sinning life he's been preaching for people to live, and recalls that when Colin Hanks lived with Lisa before, she treated him like a child, and he had no friends. Okay, (a), he doesn't have to be living with her at all; (b) he was a child when his parents were killed, and (c) he has no friends because he is a CREEPY SERIAL KILLER. EJO then shows Colin Hanks a lovely drawing of the Whore and suggests that Lisa would look wonderful "in red," prompting Colin Hanks to tell him to "stay the fuck away." Language, Colin Hanks! You probably picked that up from your Whore of a sister! He stomps back in, trash still in his hand, which of course gets an eyebrow from Lisa, who asks if he's okay. He tells her he is, but then suggests they go away for a couple days, maybe to Disney World, and if that suggestion doesn't get her to stop treating you like a child, I don't know what will. Lisa, of course, is like, "I have work, weirdo," but suggests they do it when she's on break in a couple weeks. In response, Colin Hanks grabs the breakfast plates and stomps into the other room, and seriously, Deb and Dexter aren't the only effed-up siblings on this show. For the moment, at least.

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