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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk
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Previously: Deb questioned Freebo's 15-year-old former doorman. Quinn let him leave the station before she got to talk to him, making her suspicious that he might be trying to make her look bad. Ramon was discredited as a sane person when Dexter set him up to be drunk and belligerent. Deb tried to talk to Anton at his place, but got cockblocked by a girl who was already in his apartment. Dexter killed a guy he sourced from Miguel's story about the guy getting off after killing two wives. Miguel realized that Dex had killed the guy and...he was thrilled. It looks like Dexter has a partner in crime -- really.

It's a beautiful day in Florida. Dexter and Miguel are on Slice of Life deep-sea fishing. Dexter is reeling in a huge fish and Miguel is excitedly pulling it onboard. He spears it then bludgeons it. Dexter is gleeful. Then, he says that the fish will make for "mighty fine eatin'." Gross. Miguel says that when the fish is grilled and served with Syl's mango-lime salsa it'll be perfect -- in fact, Dex and Rita should come to their house the next day. For a big time ADA who I would imagine would be strapped for time in a lot of ways, it sure has been easy for Miguel to drop every social obligation for Dex and Rita, no? Dexter says that he'll have to check with "the little woman" who he declares is getting bigger by the minute. Also gross. Dexter VO's that he could get used to the simple pleasures of male bonding. The emphasis should definitely be on the "simple" part. Their conversation is a weird stitching together of clichés, what with the good eatin' and little woman and Syl's mango salsa. Not that "Syl's salsa" has ever been spoken before but there was just something hokey about it to me. Now, Dex offers Miguel a "brewski." OK, clearly they're doing this on purpose. To show us Dex and Miguel having an idyllic guy friendship. I still kind of hate it.

Now, Miguel asks Dexter how "it" was in Biminey. Dex says that that it was pretty, with lots of mangroves. Uh, he meant how was it with Ethan Turner. Geez, he could write a book Miguel. Not sure you want to get into this. Dex says he's not sure he knows what Miguel means. So, Miguel cuts the giant fish and simultaneously asks how it was to kill Ethan Turner. Oh. That. Dex VO's, "So much for the simple joys of male bonding." He says that Miguel puts people on death row, so he must have some feeling what it's like. He replies that there is an ocean of bureaucracy between a conviction and someone getting fried, gassed, firing squaded, etc. Dex got to cut out the middleman and use his hands "to make this a better place." There are 5 floors of prosecutors where he works and Dex did in one night what they couldn't do. He's been sleeping like a baby ever since Ethan turned up missing. He says that he knows Dexter -- he sees who he is. Together ("we") they could make a difference. Dexter VO's that Miguel said "we."

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