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"The goal of all life is Dex."

Previously: Neil Perry was the Ice Truck Killer! Or maybe he wasn't. He confessed to the crimes, but didn't know who Dexter was. So, how did he know all the ins and outs of the murders? Paul Bennett, "father on parole" (or FOP, henceforth), returned to Rita's life, and Rita wasn't thrilled. Neither was Dexter. Rita at least got FOP to sign the divorce papers. Dexter's instincts about Jeremy Downs were "dead on," according to Doakes, who smells something fishy all around our leading man. He's watching, hopefully not too closely.

Angel and Dexter are in a dark room, playing "guess the shape" with blood spatter patterns on the wall that they're illuminating with their flashlights. Angel offers "a couple of circus clowns, dancing," but Dexter insists that he sees a lobster. "Why do blood stains always look like crustaceans to you?" asks Angel. "I like seafood." "Rorschach would say you have a hard time relating to others." Little do you know, Angel. One of the flashlights lands on the corpse, a young lady lying in a bathtub with blood all over her mouth. There's a gun by her hand, making it seem like a suicide, at least to Angel. After Angel bitches about the "power outages," Dexter expresses his skepticism towards a suicide in this case. "Most firearm suicides are committed by men. Most women tend to slash their wrists, take pills...something more ladylike." Angel reminds him that they saw a couple of cases just like this last year, and the lights come back on. Now able to see the scene in full light, the pair are a bit taken aback by all the blood. Apparently, she was a "big-time prosecutor" who supported her househusband, an aspiring artist. One of the husband's "pieces," a sculpture, rests right on the edge of the tub, showing us how "promising" he is. "Those other suicides we closed, those were high-powered women, too, right?" asks Dex. "I don't know. I think so." "Note to self," remarks Dexter, internally.

"I don't care what it looks like. Somebody killed her," says Mr. Gayle, the decedent's husband. "We're checking out all the possibilities, Mr. Gayle," says Doakes. He continues to ask if she was dealing with any emotional issues, and Gayle responds that she had job stress, but was working through it in therapy. Gayle is convinced that since "criminals fake suicides all the time, it was probably one of the guys she put away." That does seem like a probability, if she was prosecutor. Doakes collects Gayle's blood-soaked clothes, and we head outside...

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