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The Opposite Dex

As everyone sets the table in slow-motion, Dex VOs, "I've always been good with parents. The key is to simply think of them as aliens from a distant universe." He looks at the fabric of Mama's shirt sleeve: "You have fibers and threads unknown to us." As she prays: "Your ancient customs intrigue me." "So, Dexter, tell me everything there is to know about you," says Mama, back in the real world. "You have made me your sworn enemy, evil woman," he VOs as he finishes chewing. "I work in the forensics department for the Miami Metro PD, and I'm very fond of your daughter." "Good answer. I'm also very fond of my daughter." Dexter compliments her on her parenting, and she mentions her thirty-plus years as a school teacher. "I see a young man who's not eating," she says, referring to Cody. "I'm not hungry." "He's scared the butcher's gonna get him," says Astor. Dexter reminds them both that the BHB only goes after bad guys, but Cody says, "But, I was bad today. I threw a ball at Tommy Alvarez." What a little wuss. You threw a ball? Jeez. "Well, that's not too bad," says Dex. "And, even if it was, the BHB doesn't hurt kids." Relieved, Cody tucks into his food. Rita reiterates her hope that the PD hurries up and catches the guy, but Mama expresses her belief that "if he only goes after criminals, I say leave him alone. He's got my seal of approval." This last line was delivered right at Dexter, as though she knows it's him. "Perhaps I have misjudged you, oh wise one," he VOs, taking a sip of water. Nice.

In the BHB task force room, Lundy watches as Deb writes "Murder" on one of the victim's whiteboards. "Really?" "Yeah, sister spilled everything. She thinks he killed their parents and made it look like a car accident. The living trust was in his name." "Nice work!" Deb wonders aloud what they're going to have for dinner tonight, and Lundy announces that he has a "social appointment." "You mean, like, a date?" "I guess you could call it that." Deb gives a little ribbing, and he tells her it's "an introduction arranged by a friend. One needs to get out and have a little fun, on occasion. It's something I strongly recommend for you, as well." Deb makes excuses about the hours they work, but Lundy insists that he's serious. "It'll help keep you better balanced." "Yes, sir," she smiles.

Dexter's spaced out, and Rita asks him if he's okay. "Yeah, it's just...something at work." "Are you handling it okay?" He tells her he saw his sponsor at lunch, and Rita looks a little sick. "How'd that go?" "Not so great. She's a little odd. Plays a little loose with the twelve steps." Rita tries to convince Dex that maybe he should try someone else, and he bullshits that he just wants "to do what's best" for his recovery. "Well, maybe someone older, more like you, more...manly," she suggests. "Yeah, maybe."

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