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The Opposite Dex

Down at the station, Dexter see Mathstor and Lundy walking by, followed by a sketchy looking Pascal, all of whom are looking in his direction ominously. "In our most paranoid moments, we fear that everyone is talking about us," VOs Dexter. "That's become my reality." He watches everyone on Lundy's task force communing in the Show and Tell room. "I can't hear what they're saying, but I know it's not nice."

"Let's get started," says Lundy, projecting a slide. "We have positive I.D.s on all eighteen of our complete bodies. Thirteen of those have felony records." Mathstor wonders aloud if organized crime is a direction to go in, but Lundy says no. "No mutual gang affiliation, either. But all thirteen were either tried for murder, or at least suspected of murder." Pascal sees her fucking fiancé out in the hall, and leaves the room without even excusing herself. Dude, please tell me this shit is going to come to an end soon. I'm so sick of this stupid story-line, I can't even tell you. Mathstor offers his opinion that they should announce this development ASAP, and Lundy asks, "What development?" "That our serial killer is only killing the dregs of society, that good and moral people have nothing to fear." Lundy disagrees: "This is the only lead we have. We need to keep it tightly wrapped." Mathstor explains that an elderly man shot his son the previous evening when he got home late from work: "He thought he was the Bay Harbor Butcher. You've got a city in chaos, here, Frank." Mathstor hikes up his pants and wears a face that looks like he's in a pissing contest with Lundy or something. "I understand your wanting to reassure the people --" starts Lundy, but Mathstor cuts him off: "Good, then we're in agreement." Not exactly, douche, but whatever. Deb looks on unbelievingly.

Back in the lab, Dexter is still looking on, and Masuka comes barreling through the door. "Dex! I got this huge break in the Bay Harbor case!" he says excitedly on his way to the Show and Tell room. "Bullshit!" says Dex instinctively. "I mean, really?" Masuka's too amped to pay attention to this little slip-up as he runs into the next room to share his good news. "I refuse to believe that Vince Masuka is the man who single-handedly brings me down," Dex VOs as he watches Masuka high-fiving Angel. "I also know denial is the first stage of the grieving process for those who learn they're going to die. I need to find out what Masuka knows, but I've got to be calm, and centered...and focused." Dex gets up and heads to the elevator. "Time for a visit to my sponsor. I need help."

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