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The Opposite Dex

Dex is mowing through breakfast as Rita stands at the counter in the kitchen looking on. "So, I think I misjudged Lilah," says Dexter after he finishes masticating. Rita, looking disappointed, asks, "Are you sure?" "Well, she's unconventional, but I think she's the best sponsor...for me." "Well, if she can help keep you clean..." she says, trying to hide her jealousy. Cody runs in wearing a paper hat, yelling, "chop chop chop chop chop chop..." "Who's this?" asks Dexter. "Is it Robin Hood?" "No, I'm the Butcher Man!" yells Cody, a little to precociously for my tastes. Mama comes in and says, "I made [the costume] for him. I thought it might help with the nightmares." "Bet you didn't know you could fly!" Dex tells him, and picks him up for a game of Aeroplane. As they play, Dex VOs, "Have I misjudged Lilah? I have no idea. I do know she's helping me look at myself in a different way." Mama walks over to Rita, and says, "He's good, that one." "I know," says Rita, smiling. "I got lucky." "Quite an actor. He's hiding something, I'm sure of it." Rita gives her a Nothing's Ever Good Enough For You, Is It? face, which slowly turns into concern, because mothers just know these things? I don't know.

Over at the BHB morgue, the marine biologist is talking about algae with Lundy as they head inside. "We know we're talking about a fresh-water marina, and the algae can tell us more about what kind of pollutants were in the water." Huh, that's kind of fucking interesting, man. As they all step into the morgue, the stench hits them immediately, and the biologist can't take it, so he runs out and hoarks up his breakfast. Lundy opens up one of the body bags to find the body is pretty much pink goo. "Dammit!" he yells as he leaves the building, leaving Masuka standing there, wordless.

"For the first time, I feel the future might hold something different for me," Dex VOs as he walks into the office in slow-motion. "Perhaps I'm just fooling myself, but I'm willing to take the risk." "Fucking garbage men," says Masuka as he meets up with Dex in the hallway. "Huh?" says Dex, playing dumb. "They broke the refrigeration unit, it blew hot air in all night. It turned the bodies into pink mush." "How awful!" sympathizes Dexter fakely. "Completely ruined," says Masuka. "You brought your marine biologist and everything." "Yeah. It made him vomit," says Masuka, who starts laughing geekily. Dexter joins him in the chuckle, until Masuka mentions that the algae rocks were stored separately, so they're safe. Dexter's face falls as Masuka says they should know in a week or so where the killer's boat is. After Masuka leaves, Dex VOs, "It's an odd sensation to be experiencing what might be called 'hope' for the first time in my life. At the same time, I suddenly feel myself weighing the benefits of electrocution versus lethal injection. But, here I am." Yes, there you are. There you are. But for how long?

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