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The Opposite Dex

They walk into the BHB morgue, and Lilah looks like her mind is blown. "Well, do you want me to open one?" asks Dex. Without a word, Lilah walks over to a body and picks up the file laying next to it. "Joseph Zupita," says Dexter as he opens the body bag. "Wow," says Lilah. "Can I touch?" "Okay," he says, not having expected that reaction. "I've never seen anything like this before." "You're not disgusted? Appalled? Horrified?" "It's...incredible." "But, the person who did this --" "Is a person just like me," she says unexpectedly. "Like you. We're all good, Dexter, and we're all evil." Dexter stands quietly, and VOs, "I thought I closed the door to anyone ever seeing me for who I am, but this woman sees me." Really, dude? Her? I don't know. "She doesn't know it, but she's looking behind the mask and she's not turning away." Another flashback, anyone? Heh, like you have a choice.

"You really impressed me in there, today, son," says Harry. "I don't know how you did it, but great job." "I just pretended to be someone else," says young Dex. "Well, it's working. Keep doing it. I mean, that doctor didn't even see the monster inside you." Dexter gives him a look, and so do I. "I mean, not 'monster,'" Harry backtracks, "it's just, son, you know you have these dark urges. Anyway, good job!" Hmm, yeah. Harry was kind of a dick, sometimes.

"Somehow, even under all this pressure, she's able to make me feel okay about who I am, and what I am," Dex's VO finishes as he and Lilah walk back to the car. "So, see you soon?" she says. "Yes," replies Dex, in a bit of a daze. She smiles and hugs him, saying, "I'm here for you." Then she plants a kiss on him, no tongue or anything, but still pretty suggestive. She gets in her car and takes off. Hmm, wonder where this is going...

Angel's knocking on someone's front door, and it turns out to be Mrs. Sota from before. "I've already told you everything," she says, and Angel says he knows, but he wanted to come and apologize. "You were very rude," she says. "I was," he acknowledges. "It was shameful of me to disgrace the memory of your husband." She thanks him, but still looks a little cautious. "It's been a rough few days, not that you should care about that, but all these bodies...I've never seen anything like it. All murdered, and cut into pieces. The only way I could make sense out of it was to convince myself they deserved it. They all needed to be bad people. But I should never have taken it out on you." Good man, Morales. Batista, sorry. Changing the subject, he asks her if she can "feel it." "The breeze? Coming over the water? It's nice." "Yeah, it's finally cooling down," he says, putting on his hat and motioning to leave. She stops him: "Wait. My husband, he kept guns hidden in the walls. I can show you." She leads Angel inside by the hand, and he takes off his hat before entering like a true gentleman.

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