Scar Tissue

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Kill The Family, Save The Son
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We're back in the shipping container, with the echoing of LaGuerta's lines and shuddering visuals adding to the haunting effect, and the whole thing plays out exactly as it did in real life - only this time, Deb shoots Dexter dead. As the camera spins around her, a seamless effect transitions us from the horrific red light of the flashback to the soft white tones of the present, as with sunlight streaming in from behind her, Deb enters the place. After she kneels down at roughly the spot on which LaGuerta died, Vogel – wearing a trench coat that can't be temperature-appropriate even in Florida's winter, which this most decidedly is not – appears and asks Deb to tell her what she saw. Deb says she doesn't want to talk about it, as it won't change anything, but Vogel's like, well, repressing what happened isn't exactly doing wonders for your psyche, so how about we skip the bullshit? I mean, she doesn't say it like that, but with her accent I kind of wish she would. Deb, not listening, throws some expected shade, so Vogel remarks that Dexter's need to kill was born in a container not unlike the one they're in now, and I wonder if she knows about Dexter giving Estrada some poetic justice here or if she's just being generally astute. Either way, her point is that as a psychopath, Dexter will never be able to break free of his container-related damage, but she can if she'll relive the events of the night in question.

Deb blurts out what she saw – killing Dexter instead of LaGuerta – so Vogel asks how that made her feel. When Deb confesses she doesn't know, Vogel asks what else she thinks she could have done, and when Deb tries to say she could have arrested Dexter or they could have run, Vogel points out that Death Row would have been the likely result for Dexter in either case. "You've become so obsessed with the life you've taken, you've forgotten the life you saved." Well, if last week showed us anything, it's that reminding Deb of lives she's saved doesn't always have the desired effect. Deb snaps that of course Vogel is defending Dexter – she created him – but Vogel authoritatively tells her that they're not at issue – her mental health is. Deb gets up in Vogel's face, yelling that she doesn't know why she should trust her or why Vogel even cares about her, but Vogel, completely unintimidated, mildly inquires if Deb is upset, and Deb admits that she is, which Vogel tells her is good – she's no longer avoiding her feelings. She then tells Deb that they're done for the day, and Deb tries to take some calming breaths. I'd imagine they'll be more effective once she's left the scene of her murder, though.

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