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Up In Smoke
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With Dexter part of an MM forensics team going over the mausoleum, DVO talks briefly about how Deb doesn't trust him before we cut to Deb getting into a bath, and I've probably seen dozens upon dozens of screen characters drink wine in the bathtub at one point or another, but beer is a much less common sighting, so I'm impressed to see Deb stick to her drink of choice even here. Back at the mausoleum, Dexter and Masuka are in fact calling my bluff of last episode as they examine the place under an ultraviolet light, but they come up empty for any DNA other than Speltzer's, and Masuka sighs that Speltzer knew what he was doing. Dexter points to the shrine and lets Masuka in on the notion that something was there, and it was probably important. "Killers hate to leave their trophies behind." Masuka notes that that must mean Speltzer came back there after the most recent murder, and then he steps outside so DVO can muse some more about his relationship with Deb, like, there's a lot to come in the ep, so you'll forgive me for opting to get on with it.

From the camera closeup of Deb with her eyes closed and the slightly creepy music, not to mention the fact that there's no other reason to be in this scene, you know Something Bad is about to happen, and sure enough, when she opens her eyes, she sees blood coming out of the faucet. She realizes that she's soaking in the stuff, and then she sees Dexter in the doorway dressed in wedding attire. He holds out his hands and asks if she'll be his, and at first I thought this was about her STILL INCREDIBLY INAPPROPRIATE feelings for him, but now that I think of it, with him wearing his groom outfit, I think it's more likely that she's just imagining herself as Rita. The next time the camera cuts to him, he's holding a bloody machete, and the red stuff positively starts gushing out of the tub and onto the floor. Deb desperately tries to turn the taps off, to no avail...

...and then she wakes up to find the tub ready to overflow, with some jets even springing out of the sides. Well, Deb, it may not be as horrific as what you just dreamed, but plumbing problems are no joke! She looks in the doorway, but Dexter is not there, which is nice, because as I think I might have mentioned, that would be GROSS.

The next day, Deb comes into Dexter's office and summarily is like, "Coffee," and I have to admit I wondered at first if she'd made him her errand boy as part of his debt to her, but no - it looks like "coffee" is her code word for "let's go back to that alley and chat about your little side gig." Outside, Deb FINALLY brings up Rita - as I mentioned in the recaplet, I thought that that would have been one of her first points of discussion with Dexter once she got her head on straight; in fact, I got an email from a reader who was incredulous that she didn't go there immediately. But she's there now, asking Dexter if Trinity killed her, and when he says yes, she lets the ensuing silence hang in the air for a bit until he's forced to reiterate the answer heatedly. Deb explains her suspicions by pointing out that Rita didn't fit Trinity's pattern, but Dexter confesses that that's because he was going after him. Deb's understandably taken aback that Dexter didn't help MM catch him, but Dexter tells her Trinity knew who he was, and he was trying to protect him. And wow, that story would be far from the whole truth even leaving aside the whole "Kyle" business.

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