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Remorse of a Different Color
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Previously: Dexter declined to kill Trinity so as to better learn family values from him. Miami Metro actually got a pretty decent jump on the Trinity investigation, discovering that he's been spreading the ashes of a relative at the crime scenes. Angel and LaGuerta promised their relationship was kaput. And Deb got approval to investigate the bludgeoning third of Trinity's murders. Oh, and Dexter killed a smarmy fashion photog who ended up NOT being guilty of killing his models. Oops.

So Dexter's in his Blood Shack, his voice-over is going overboard with an endless string of defensive, bitchy justifications for why killing Farrow was so totally not his fault. You know my rule with DVO -- I ignore until it gives me something good. Basically, Dexter's feeling guilty -- not only for killing Farrow but for not going after Trinity instead -- and he doesn't like feeling guilty. He even breaks Farrow's blood slide in half, since it doesn't meet the standards of Harry's code. Of course, he cuts his thumb in the process, the better to be a metaphor for his guilt.

At work, Angel presents Farrow as a former suspect, now a possible victim. LaGuerta leaps to the logical conclusion that it was Brand -- Farrow's assistant and the real model-murderer -- who did it, and the case is then passed off to two detectives who don't even get speaking parts, so let's consider this matter shelved for the week, huh?

Deb notices Dexter being extra fidgety, but she has no time to wonder why, as now it's her time to present her bludgeoning case. She's got a slideshow of the victims throughout the ages. In particular, she points out the smudges of cremains that show up in the crime scene photos -- the same as the ash found at the most recent bludgeoning. Alas, because this is Deb, she clicks one slide too far and reveals a shot of one of the bathtub victims, also with an ash smudge in the photo. LaGuerta has her shutter back to it. Deb tries to tapdance around the issue but Maria finally has her come out with it. So Deb explains that the ash has shown up in photos from the bathtub killings AND the jumper-suicides. That's the pattern, see; three in succession, every year or so, for the last thirty years. While DVO repeatedly hopes for his sister's case to get laughed out of the room, LaGuerta is officially intrigued. Even when Deb gets to the part about Lundy investigating him, and how Trinity killed Lundy and shot Deb.

So Dexter leaves in a huff, DVO reaffirming his intention to kill Trinity and get it over with. Deb follows him out, bubbling over with pride and excitement. LaGuerta calls her into her office, looking fired up, and of course Deb thinks she's about to get a commendation so she practically leaps to follow her. I find myself using "of course" with Deb a lot. It's a testament to how strongly and consistently she's been written throughout the seasons. Maybe as well as anyone else on the show, Dexter included. Anyway, Dexter awkwardly tries to convey enthusiasm, but his feeble attempts are interrupted by Quinn, who shadows him to the elevator and smarmily notes that Dex is, as usual, taking lunch "off campus." "I really do need to stab someone," DVO menaces as the elevator doors close. See, DVO. That was good.

Meanwhile, Trinity weeps over that coffin he built last week, then covers it with a tarp.

Later, Dexter rolls up on Trinity's cozy suburban palace, where the Mitchell clan are engaging in a positively perverse tableaux of family activity. Arthur's gardening, the daughter is watering the lawn, mom's probably inside baking, and Jonah is washing his car in a powder-blue t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, his tan arms lapping up the sunlight like -- okay, moving on. Jonah's there. He's looking nice. Arthur's in much happier spirits to see "Kyle" than he was last week, even when Dex lays out the pretext for his visit: He's checking up on Arthur after the whole deer incident. Arthur brushes it off, then breezes past Dex to correct Jonah on the proper way to dry the car. The moment veers into domineering territory as Arthur snaps at Jonah about doing things the right way and whips the rag back at Jonah's chest and strong arms and deceptively huge shoulders and...oh shut up. DVO natters on about cracks appearing in the perfect family as Sally comes out with a glass of lemonade, having just washed and folded Arthur's clothes. So I was kinda close with that "baking" guess, huh? The upshot? Arthur's planning a trip to Tampa for another Habitat for Inhumanity build. DVO wonders if he's really looking to start another cycle so soon. Dex gets Arthur to divulge that he's leaving tomorrow, right from work. The gears start turning in Dexter's head for an out-of-town kill, and DVO says he'll have to come up with an excuse to take an excursion to Tampa.

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