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Cloudy With A Chance Of Poison Gas
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We start right where we left off, and Dexter crunchily moves EJO's frozen arm out of the way to reveal a familiar-looking kill wound, while upstairs, Colin Hanks and his big sword move to the trap door. By the way, I didn't address this last week, but I'm not sure why Colin Hanks would have preserved EJO's corpse rather than disposing of it, but again, the writers obviously couldn't think of any credible way to reveal that EJO was dead. When Colin Hanks sees Dexter standing over the corpse, he looks shocked, as if he thinks Dexter killed him, although if he's under the impression he was just talking to EJO a few minutes ago, I'm not sure how he accounts for EJO's corpse being FROZEN SOLID. As if to clear things up, Dexter accusingly tells Colin Hanks that he, Colin Hanks, killed EJO, and Colin Hanks's response is to screw up his face like he was just told he will not be having dessert this evening before closing and locking the trapdoor on Dexter.

Colin Hanks then goes outside and, conveniently in full view of Dexter, has a little chat with Tyler Durden in which the latter tells him that he did, in fact, kill him, and then Harry makes a "joke" about how funny it is that Colin Hanks talks to someone who isn't there, like, we've seen extensive evidence that Dexter does not, in fact, talk to Harry, that the chats we see are representations of Dexter's inner monologue, but the show has twisted its own internal logic so far that pretzels everywhere are jealous.

Anyway, it obviously makes absolutely no sense for Tyler Durden to flip the script and start acting like Colin Hanks's Jiminy Cricket rather than his Svengali, but I'm guessing this is the end of the fantastically stupid and contrived, both thematically and plot-wise, EJO storyline, so there's that, at least. So, to get this wrapped up: Colin Hanks went to EJO with the Revelator sword, which got EJO canned; EJO then told Colin Hanks that his claims that the two of them were the Witnesses showed that he was delusional and needed help, whereupon Colin Hanks tried to prove that EJO couldn't be hurt by stabbing him with the sword. You'd think a university professor might have been like, "Um, maybe try it on yourself first?" Anyway, Tyler Durden opens his shirt to show that he's bleeding from the wound, as if that makes any sense, but even less probable is Colin Hanks trying to deny it and telling off Tyler Durden, adding that he'll get some new disciples that will help him. Dexter, of course, has been observing all this instead of maybe trying to get out of there and grab Colin Hanks while he's having this little exchange, but once Colin Hanks has safely departed the scene, Dexter's like, durr, I have to stop him, and takes about three seconds to break out.

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