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"Dex Smiles At Us All; All A Man Can Do Is Smile Back."

Previously: "No Blood." Woo-hoo. Deb found the ice truck. There was a chopped up gift in Dexter fridge. The ITK continued to blow Dex's mind by staging Tony Tucci's body parts and taking photographs that mimicked some of Dexter's memories. One of Rita's ex's minions showed up to collect on a cocaine debt, and took Rita's car. Dexter did away with Jorge Castillo, a real slick sonnuvabitch who was charging Cuban immigrants exorbitant amounts of cash to traffic their families into the country, then springing another "release fee" on them in order to actually release them once they got here. If they couldn't pay...kill, kill, kill. Turned out Castillo's wife was also in on it, so Dexter got a two-bagger, but wasn't able to do the job properly. At least he was able to get some relationship advice out of them before he killed them. Possibly unfortunately for Dexter, it seems that someone may have been spying on him from the trunk of a junked Mercedes in the junkyard. We'll just have to see how that develops...

"Life is so fleeting, so fragile," Dexter VOs as he sits quietly with his eyes closed. "Every breath has the potential to be our last." He opens his eyes, looks to the right and says, "You ready?" The camera pans to the left to reveal Cody, who's holding a dead goldfish over the toilet bowl. He drops it in and flushes. "Can I have my cereal now?" he asks Dexter. "We all grieve in our own way," Dexter VOs. Hee! "I prefer the six-year-old approach. Yet another I've sent to a watery grave." Yeah, yeah, we get it. Your behavior is so regressive. You're so cool and above it all. Anyone? What's it from?

Cody's now tearing into some cereal flakes of some kind, and....mmm, cereal. Hold on a sec?

[crunch, crunch] So, yeah, Cody's eating cereal, and Rita's introducing a couple of cake ideas for Astor's upcoming birthday celebration. Cody announces that he'd prefer Angel Food Cake, but Astor tells him to cram a sock in it, because it's her birthday, and she feels entitled to the cake decision. Dexter enters the kitchen, and Rita asks him how the burial went. "Bob the Goldfish? May he rest in peace." Rita thanks Dex for coming over to take care of that. "Dead stuff..." she says and mock shudders. Dexter mirrors her: "I know." Rita instructs him to sit down. "Your treat for coming over is on its way!" Ew, dude, not in front of the kids! Oh, breakfast, right. Dexter heads over to the table and notices the birthday preparations. "I don't get birthdays." Well, of course you don't. Is there anything you do get? Or rather, don't pretend to not get? "The party, the song. Celebrating another year of being alive just feels...forced." Astor chooses a coconut cake, and Cody protests. "You've never had coconut," says Rita as Dexter's phone rings. Apparently, dispatch is calling. Dexter answers and says, "Sure, what's the location?" There's a low grumble on the soundtrack as the camera zooms into a close-up on Dex. Uh-oh. "I'll be right there." Right where?

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