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Man On The Run
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Previously: Lundy put the entire department under investigation, and got on Dexter's case about his "sloppy blood-work." Deb discovered that the BHB is indeed in the department. Rita explained to the kids that she and Dexter broke up. Deb and Lundy had a dinner party where they could barely keep their hands off each other. Dex provoked Doakes into a situation where he was put on leave, and the Doakes left during an inquisition with Lundy. Lila and Dex got close. Too close. Dex, after realizing that she called Jimenez to tell him his whereabouts, told her to take a hike. Then he went and killed Jimenez. Doakes snooped around Dex's apartment, and found his blood slides. Rita called for Dexter's help, distracting him from his more unsavory work.

The elevators at the station open up, and Dexter starts pulling something really heavy behind him, with Debra in tow. "That's what I said." "That I'm always right?" replies Deb. "You were right about Lila, she was bad for me." "And that I'm always right! Hurry the fuck up!" Dexter keeps pulling whatever he's pulling, and says, "I didn't realize how bad until last night. She had me fighting with myself the whole time. All that self-reflection is unhealthy." "Stop reflecting, and move," says Deb, now sitting on the edge of her desk. A uniformed cop walks by and slips in the trail of whatever Dex is dragging. He apologizes, and starts pulling it again. "The fact is, I already know who I am, and I'm done fighting it. So, the battle's over. Lila's over." He backs up to LaGuerta, who's just standing there, and we hear, "Morgan!" It's Lundy. "Clean this mess up, it's a goddamned safety hazard!" A wide shot reveals that Dexter's been lugging Jimenez's corpse behind him, leaving a trail of blood. Guess we're looking at a dream sequence here. Duh. Angel comes in holding a foot, and says, "You can't leave this shit lyin' around, bro!"

Dexter wakes up, and he's still at Rita's. Seems he spent the night on a lounger outside while keeping watch. Aw, he still loves her. "Nice," he VOs. "My subconscious isn't even bothering with symbolism." Hee! "That's what I get for leaving the remains of Jimenez up in that cabin. Bad time to get sloppy with Special Agent Lundy putting everyone in law enforcement under a microscope." Dexter gets up and is making to leave when he hears the front door open. It's Rita. "Dexter? What are you doing here?" "Uh, I, uh," he stumbles, and he grabs the morning paper and hands it to her. "I just wanted to give you that." "You're in the same clothes as last night. You slept here?" "Not intentionally. I just wanted to make sure whoever broke in stayed away. Guess I kind of fell asleep on the job. Sorry." She looks at him with a half-smile on her face. "Don't be." The kids run out, and are super-psyched to see him. Apparently, Cody made a killer robot that eats airplanes, which is awesome, and he wants Dexter to see it. Before Dexter can even reply, Astor asks him if he wants bananas in his pancakes. "Actually, guys, there's something I gotta go deal with, so..." "Then why'd you come?" asks Astor. "'Cause I needed one of these!" he says, and gives them a big bear hug. Rita looks on, obviously thinking she should just forgive the fucking guy and take him back. After a moment, Rita says, "All right, guys, Dexter's got work to do, so go eat your pancakes." The kids run inside, and Dex says, "I didn't mean for them to find me here." "I know. It's okay. I think they needed a hug, too. Take care, Dexter." She heads inside, but Dexter stops her: "Wait, I wanna say something." Dex waits a moment, collecting his thoughts, and says, "I'm sorry." "All right." "I feel...such regret, which is rare for me. Not that I don't mess up, I do, just...never so stupendously. I had you, and them, and...I had us. So much to have. And, to just demolish it...I honestly thought I was smarter than that. Rude awakening. Lila was one of the biggest mistakes of my life." "That means a lot to me, Dexter. But it doesn't change the fact that you slept with another woman. I can't forget that." "I don't expect you to, I just wanted to say it."

Dexter wheels around and heads to his car, VOing, "All I can do now is pick up the pieces...of Jimenez. He's one big pile of evidence. Not that anyone will easily break into that cabin. Thing's a bunker. Still, I can't leave a kill lying around. I'll have to call in sick at work." Dexter's reached his van, and looks back to see a car with a few Fed-looking folk in it. Acting naturally, he gets in the van and starts her up. The Fed car starts up and follows him. "It's not Doakes," he VOs. "FBI. My feeble interview with Lundy may have put me on his short list of suspects." He's reached an intersection. "Left turn to the cabin, right turn to a change of clothes and work." Obviously, he takes a right. "Glad I'm at peace with Harry's code again. Makes decisions easier. Caution first, Jimenez later." The Feds are still right on his ass, Harry's code notwithstanding. Shit, what's this all about? Has Doakes already given them the slides? Wouldn't they be inadmissible, considering how he got them?

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