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It's Always in the Last Place You Look
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Previously on Dexter ... the whole last episode, pretty much. Here are the salient points: Dexter wasn't getting any sleep because new baby + real job + killing job = poppers and coffee where your pillow used to be. He screwed up a court case and thus tracked the perp, Benito Gomez, dragged him to an abandoned boxing ring and killed him. But he was too busy/exhausted to properly dispose of the remains, and then on the drive home he ran off the road and flipped his car.

Dexter wakes up from what has to be described as a brief and not at all restful sleep to find himself upside down in his minivan. The rescue crew drags him out and puts him on a stretcher. While the EMTs question him to determine if he's still with it, Dexter can only remember the crash -- and the bags full of body parts he hadn't yet disposed of. He keeps spacily repeating "Benny..." and trying to get to his car. A strapping young police officer makes his way to the ambulance as Dex starts shitting a brick. "We found something in your car," he says. "A bag." Dexter keeps trying to rise from the gurney like a zombie, but the paramedics keep him down. Lucky for him, then, that this bag is merely the prescription he picked up for Harrison. No body parts in there! Probably. He asks the EMT where his van is going, but she doesn't know. Dexter's VO continues to panic over what happens when they find what's in the trunk.

At the hospital, the doctor checks Dexter's pupils and asks the usual questions. He's got a concussion, doc says. Dex can't remember the accident or even getting in the car. And as much as Dexter lies about everything, this appears to be true. Dexter says he just needs a good night's sleep (another truth!) but naturally, because it's a concussion, the doctor says he needs to stay awake for at least 12 hours. He also wants to keep Dexter in the hospital overnight for observation, but Dex nixes that idea immediately, lying that his wife is a nurse. The doctor won't take that for an answer, but when Rita shows up all shaken and worried, Dexter hightails it out of there.

Back at home, Dexter's VO stresses that no matter what it takes, he can't fall asleep. Not because of the concussion, see, but because if anybody finds Gomez's remains, it's lethal injection time. He deflects Rita's suggestion that he take a personal day, then flinches like crazy when Cody comes crashing into him for a hug. Still sore, though he brushes the crash off as a mere fender-bender. As he heads out the door for work, his voice-over begs for a slow day at work where nobody gets killed and he has plenty of time to look for the criminal he cut into many pieces last night.

Over at LaCasa LaGuerta, she and Angel are both morning-afterglowing. Angel says he should head out first, so they can stagger their arrivals at work. They start making out, and he wonders what would happen if they showed up together. It feels like a non-starter, though honestly, considering all the hookups that have gone on in that station, it shouldn't be that big a deal. They cool things down before they end up wasting Angel's head start. Before he does, he tells Maria to leave her hair down. "It's beautiful. He fails to add, "It will really frame your electric-teal pantsuit."

Dexter shows up for work in a cab, already on the phone confirming the lot where his van got towed. He manages to avoid Deb but gets hooked by Lundy, who wants to follow up on the Lisa Bell case. Dex at first doesn't recognize the name (bad sign) before Lundy reminds him she was the girl in the bathtub. "The Trinity killer's latest victim," Dexter confirms, all the while blinking like his brain's on the fritz (which it kind of is). Lundy asks if Dexter found any hair or fibers in the second sample he took (the one under the linoleum; the one from 30 years ago); "not yet," says Dex, as he tries to back away. "It really is kismet, you know," says Lundy, in that easy way he has where you can't tell if he doesn't know how antsy Dexter is to get away, doesn't care, or (my preferred option) that he likes seeing other people squirm. Lundy impresses me as the kind of guy whose authority makes other people nervous, and he uses that. Anyway, what's kismet, you ask? "If Trinity had struck in Buffalo instead of Miami, I wouldn't have access to a blood guy of your caliber." It's true. All the best blood-spatter experts end up leaving Buffalo for greener pastures. Just ask O.J. Dexter manages to successfully point Lundy in Deb's direction (she's lead on the Bell case) and slink off, voice-overing about how the last thing he needs is Frank Lundy up his ass.

Cut to Trinity, enjoying a crossword puzzle and some coffee along the water. He scopes a pair of women walking along a path and eyes them creepily. As Galactica-caliber thumping drums accompany in the background, Trinity gets up and starts following them.

At the impound lot, Dexter finds his van, amid flashbacks of last night's kill. He finds a plastic bag in the trunk, but not the six ones containing Gomez, only his tool bag. (Yes, yes, we all thought Masuka was his tool bag.) Dex surmises Benny must've been thrown from the car, but before he can head out for the crash site, Angel calls. They need Dexter at a crime scene, pronto. "Just one murder-free day, Miami, that's all I asked for," he VOs. Dex decides to head for the crash site first anyway.

Back at the station, Angel doles out assignments. This latest one is yet another tourist killing, and we're reminded yet again that local government won't be too crazy about that. City officials don't like tourists getting murdered, got it. Deb says she needs to keep on the Bell case, so it's Quinn who gets the call. Quinn, who just showed up to work after, as Deb says so Deb-ly, "looking for [his] panties on some chickie-doo's floor." She also places a call to Frances (her girl in records) and asks about a 30-year old homicide case, as Masuka passes and notes Deb's wearing new perfume. Masuka goober-faces as to whether this is due to Lundy, but Deb reminds him that she has a boyfriend who's coming home tonight. Oh, and she also threatens to punch him in the throat. Aw, Deb. It's good to know that new, happy Deb will still punch a throat. LaGuerta comes storming out of her office with a newspaper in hand. Seems Quinn's newspaper chippie, Christine Hill, wrote all about the Vacation Murder (gave it that very name, in fact). Quinn pipes up when LaGuerta asks if anyone knows the writer, and she tells him to ask her to turn down the "creative writing." Oh come on, Lieu! "Vacation Murder"? It's not THAT creative. LaGuerta stresses that they need an arrest in this soon, which is why she told the mayor she'd be taking point on this case. "No reflection on you, sergeant," she tells Angel and the wounded look on Angel's face.

Dexter hits the crash site, where Harry is there waiting for him, this time dressed in a nice business suit, as well as that warm glow he's been favoring lately. He reminds Dex to use his science to follow the velocity and trajectory to find the missing bags, but they're not there. Dex finds a teddybear and that's it. Ghost Harry plays the "What if that had been Harrison?" game before taking a sharp left: "If your ritual hadn't been interrupted to go pick up meds for Harrison..." Dex asks if he's blaming Harrison for this. "I'm not," Harry says with the feigned innocence one can only muster when one's the projection of another man's subconscious. Then he disappears into a flash of sunlight. Awfully fancy with the entrances and exits this season, eh Harry? Actually, that's just a symptom of Dexter's concussion, as he gets dizzy and almost falls. Harry returns to the question at hand: Where is Gomez's body, if it's not here. Dexter tries to remember, but between the concussion and the extreme insomnia, it's all a fog. Frustrated, Dexter returns to his car as his phone rings again.

Back at the station, Frances delivers Deb the file she was looking for, this time for a legit case and not for snooping into her dead father's affairs.

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