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Jennifer Carpenter Emmy Episode
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Previously: You know, Rita is dead and the FBI wants to find Kyle Butler, in case maybe he knows about why Arthur Mitchell targeted her. Deb is crashing at Quinn's place because Dexter and the kids are at her apartment and it's too cramped. That said, Astor was still pissed at Dex and she and Cody (though he wanted to stay with Dexter) went to live with their grandparents. Batista got into a bar brawl with another police officer because the guy called Laguerta a fine piece of ass. Dexter finds out that Boyd Fowler is killing women. He's going to kill him to cheer himself up.

So here we are only three episodes into the season and I think we may already have our Jennifer Carpenter Emmy moment. Make that moments. I plan on making my case in this recap, though J. Car did the heavy lifting. We begin with a tight shot of her face. She tells a woman that this is going to last as long as it takes to get to the truth. I love it when she's bad cop. The woman, a mousy blonde, replies that she's not lying. But, Deb counters, earlier she'd said she didn't do drugs and now she's saying that she did. The woman is confused. She says that she said she "might" have tried something at a Tri-Delt party. Deb has a problem with the "might" part. She did or she didn't, what's the answer. The woman says that Deb sounds like a cop and she barks that she is. The camera pulls back to show us her living room. There's Dexter holding Harry. They're interviewing nannies. Dexter VOs that Deb has insisted on taking the lead with the interviews and, at this rate, only Mary Poppins would meet the qualifications. Except for that whole using sugar to wash medicine down thing. What, is she trying to rot their teeth out or something?

Next, we're treated to the bad nanny montage, as dear to my heart as the trusty bad date montage. Here's a large lady who says that she thinks kids should eat a lot of cheese. Here's a hillbilly whose method of saving a choking child involves something called a "knuckle slap." Here's a hipster dude who says that he hasn't had martial arts training but he can scream real loud. I find the disarmingly casual nature of that comment oddly masculine, but Deb's not having it.

Now, we appear to have a winner before she even opens her mouth. She's a lady of a certain age, British, and possessed of a nursing degree. Deb wants to know why she isn't working at a hospital -- budget cuts cost her her position. She says that she doesn't need a big salary. Nanny lady? Don't ever tell that to someone again. She looks over at Dexter and mentions that Harrison is tired. Then, she asks if she can hold him. Though tired, Harrison manages to smile real big once she's holding him, kind of like there's a PA just offscreen holding an Elmo doll and making faces. Dex VO's that this Sonya person is practically perfect. She offers her condolences for Dexter's loss and leaves, saying goodbye to "Prince Harry." Deb seems skeptical, but Dexter says that she's the one. It's decided. Deb reminds Dex that he and Harry have an appointment with a counselor that day. Then, she says that she loves him. She waits and finally he offers, "Me too." She gives a little look of "Yes, that's what we say." Then, she leaves.

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