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Stick a Fork In Him
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As Dexter stands on his boat in daylight, DVO tells us that he's been lost before, when Rita died and when Lumen left, and first off, we jumped forth a year after Lumen left so it's hard for me to feel too broken up on Dexter's behalf about that one, and also I'm sure Rita who was DEXTER'S WIFE and who BLED TO DEATH IN A BATHTUB would be thrilled to know that Dexter is putting her right up there Lumen, who...was on Season Five.

Anyway, Brian, who's apparently the Dark Side stand-in for Harry, notes that Dexter doesn't seem thrilled about his kill, prompting Dexter to intone that "Brother Sam" (that's Mos Def, ICYDK) had hoped that he would forgive Nick instead of strangle-drowning him. As they dispose of Nick's body parts in those garbage bags of which we used to see so much more, Brian counters that "you don't turn the other cheek, you slice it," and I can forgive the misappropriation of that saying (given that Dexter does not slice his own cheeks) or the hammy delivery, but not both, especially considering he follows this up by saying that Brother Sam didn't know Dexter like "Brother Brian" does. I mentioned that I liked this actor, Christian Camargo, as Brian the Ice Truck Killer; I should have known that that would be irrelevant, as he isn't playing Brian so much as a scenery-chewing audience-winking devil you wish Dexter would flick off his shoulder, and when I said this episode was the most strongly-written of the season, it's almost completely in spite of the Brian parts, not because of them.

Dexter tells Brian he's glad he can stop pretending, and Brian whispers sweet nothings into his ear about how they can keep going, but before I can really start visualizing these two as the dead/alive brother version of Thelma and Louise, Dexter's phone rings, and it's Deb, who asks him to come to the station immediately, and by the way, there is a really silly directorial choice in having the camera show a close-up of Brian making faces while Dexter's on the phone, like, he's Dexter's projection; when Dexter isn't paying him any attention he shouldn't exist. I know the actor is physical; shoot around him. Similarly, Dexter feels the need to tell Brian that they'll "talk about this later," as if they're actually talking at all, but at least this results in Dexter driving off...

...into the next scene, but not before we get an establishing shot of Miami Metro, like WHERE THE FUCK ELSE DO WE THINK HE'D GO, and also WHERE THE FUCK DO THEY THINK WE'D THINK DEB'S OFFICE IS LOCATED? Good shows don't do this; it's asinine.

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