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New Directions
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We are where we were at the end of last season's finale. Dexter is holding Harrison, but now he's outside of his house. The police arrive and ask him if he called the police. He doesn't answer. Then, he asks him what happened there. Still no answer. Dex VO's that he has seen 67 people die. Damn. It. That's a lot of killing. At the moment of "truth," he could see in their eyes that they knew they were getting what they deserved. But, what if that's not what you deserve? Like Rita, what if you deserved all sorts of nice things and a loving husband (at least someone human), but you ended up with Dexter? Well, Dexter, I think you just answered your own question. You end up dead in a bathtub. Rita really had a lot of blood. Poor Julie Benz. I hope she got a big paycheck for her last day at work. The lady created a character for four years and ends it all immobile in a bathtub full of food coloring.

The policeman starts asking for the baby when Deb arrives. She tells him to back the fuck off, then asks Dexter what happened. He hands her Harrison and you can see, as she's looking at the blood all over the baby, that she's going to be horrified by his answer. "Rita's inside. It was me." Now Dexter. Really? You're making this too easy for everyone. Deb looks at the policeman, hoping that his statement doesn't register with them the way it does with her. I'm just going to put this out there right now -- if she gives a performance this season like she did last year, I am making this the official year of the Jennifer Carpenter Emmy Moment Watch. She was great just then, but I bet she'll have more in store for us.

Inside the house, Vince is taking pictures of the crime scene as Quinn looks on. After describing the crime scene (and telling us that Rita was cut on her thigh per the Trinity Killer's M.O.), Vince says that he had imagined Rita naked many times, but never in this scenario. Classy. Quinn asks if the Trinity Killer had ever killed a married woman before and Vince says that there is a first time for everything. Laguerta and Batista enter. Vince says that they are waiting for the coroner to retrieve the body, but he thinks she has been dead for 8 to 10 hours. Stricken, Laguerta leaves the room.

Batista follows her and asks her if she's OK (she's not). Vince and Quinn are close behind. She says that Dexter will need their support. Then, she tells them to pack up and leave the bathroom. They begin to protest, but she says that the Trinity Killer case belongs to the FBI and they have arrived. Then, she freaks out and asks them why Vince and Quinn are looking at Batista. He says that it's what he "was saying on the way over." Since Rita is a part of their family, they should be working on the case for Dexter. OK, so he was saying that to Laguerta on the way over? They came into the room together didn't they? They did, but maybe Batista was already there and was talking to Vince and Quinn on the way over. Anyway, Laguerta seems surprised and tells them that her word is final and stomps off. Batista tells Vince and Quinn that she's stressed. Yes, the women and their hormones.

As Rita's body is being wheeled past him on the lawn, Dexter recalls that Harry taught him to never kill an innocent person and to never make a scene. He imagines Harry in uniform amongst the other policemen and he calls out to him. We see Elliot the neighbor standing outside of the police tape holding his daughter and wiping his eyes. This is totally the scene you should let your daughter witness. You're as good a parent as you are a neighbor, Ells. Dexter notices that everyone can see that Elliot is crying and he isn't.

An FBI agent approaches Dexter and tells him that he's ready for him. They head to the back of a van. He reminds Dexter of his "It was me" statement and Dexter says that he doesn't remember saying it. "I'm very upset." Heh. Deb is inside the van and holding Harrison. She witnesses the questioning and interrupts to tell Dexter that he needs to take off his clothes, then they're going to her house. The agent says that he was asking him a question but Deb says that he already told them that he came home and found her there. Deb's nervous. She tells the agent that, if he wants to help, he should find the Trinity Killer. The she calls the FBI a bunch of fucking idiots. Excellent. Laguerta arrives and gives an eye to Deb. She tells the agent to make an appointment to talk to Dexter and he coldly agrees to do that.

At Deb's, she says to Dexter that Harrison can sleep on the floor until they can bring his crib from his house, because that would be safest. He mumbles in agreement and lies down on her bed. Deb says that he shouldn't say things like "It was me" because people might misconstrue. That is what we call an understatement. Deb adds that she herself is not so sure what he meant. But, he is in some weird place and doesn't answer her.

The next day, Vince, Quinn and Batista are listening to Dexter's call to 911. It's very clinical. Batista knows what Quinn is thinking and shuts off the recording. He says that Dexter was in shock and just acting out of habit by noting exactly where Rita had been cut. Quinn thinks it was odd, since Dexter's WIFE HAD JUST DIED. He points out that Elliot, "the guy with the forehead," was more emotional than Dexter at the scene. I'm assuming they wrote that line especially for the actor playing Elliot. That must feel nice.

Laguerta approaches and asks them what they are working on. Always the master of discretion, Vince closes the laptop they were using and announces "not Rita." Laguerta is pissed and asks them if they heard her the day before. The case is with the FBI now! As she stomps away, Quinn says that Batista should have taken her on a honeymoon. Vince tells Quinn that he wishes he hadn't told Dexter about witnessing Rita and Elliot kiss at Thanksgiving, especially since Rita is dead. Quinn acts like he's just gotten some big news.

Dexter is still asleep in his clothes on Deb's bed when he gets a phone call. It's Rita's mother. She's got Astor and Cody and they're at DisneyWorld. He doesn't say anything about what happened. He tells them to come to Deb's apartment. Deb hears the conversation and asks Dexter if he shouldn't tell them about Rita. Fine, Dexter is not what anyone would call emotionally astute, but I think he's made the right decision. Who wants to make anyone associate Chip and Dale with their mother's death? That was rhetorical.

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