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Blast From The Past
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Previously: Dexter paid a visit to Santos Jimenez, his mother's killer, and beat him senseless, but didn't kill him. Dexter started boinking Lila, much to the dismay of both Rita and Deb. Lila asked Deb for a tit pardon, but was not granted one. Deb confessed her feelings to Lundy, and they shared a smooch. Dex head-butted Doakes, which was awesome. Doakes attacked Dexter at the station, and got suspended, which was also awesome...or was it? Lundy came to the conclusion that the BHB is someone in the department, based on the manifesto Dexter sent. Lila set her apartment on fire in order to bond herself to Dexter, and it totally worked. It also pissed me off majorly.

It's morning at Dexter's place, and Deb is bitching about Masuka for some reason or another. She grabs the sports section out of Dexter's hands, and Lila rolls out of the bedroom. "I used to enjoy quiet mornings," Dex VOs, "but ever since the fire at Lila's loft, she's been crashing here a bit too often." "Is that my shirt?" Deb asks Lila, automatically pissed. "I thought it was Dexter's," says Lila. "It's not," says Deb. Oh, brother, here we go. Lila starts to take the shirt off right there at the fridge, and Deb's all, "No, it's okay, just keep it." "So, now I share the kitchen with a cobra and a mongoose," Dex VOs, and I'm not sure who's who. Lila holds up the coffee pot, which is empty, and says, "Did somebody drink all the coffee again?" Ew! What right do you have to bitch, Lila? Just make some more! "No, I had a cup, and then Dexter had a cup, and it kinda just went like that until the poh was emptay," mocks Deb. "Deb, please," says Dex, not realizing how wrong a tree he's picked to bark up. Deb: "What? It's a stupid question! And, why are you sticking up for her, anyway?" Dexter says that he's just trying to keep the peace, but Deb's already in the next room, having pissily huffed out of the kitchen. "Maybe we should stay at your place tonight," Dexter tells Lila. "Has the fire damage been repaired yet?" Lila says that the insurance company is still "dicking her around," and haven't cut a check yet, but I don't see what that has to do with the damage being fixed. "Don't worry about it, I'll be moving out soon," says Deb. Lila: "And stop leeching off your brother?" Jesus. Deb sarcastically thanks Dex for sticking up for her. Dexter: "Hey, I'm Switzerland." Deb's out of there in a hurry. Dex takes that as a cue to get ready for work himself, and starts packing his bag, where he finds a "Dragon Zombie" action figure that Cody has slipped into his bag. "He's trying to control you," says Lila, making me want to smack her. As if I even need to say that; I always want to smack her. She posits that, Cody's having done that, Dexter has "no choice but to return them to him." Dexter: "He's seven. He seldom has thoughts more complicated than the desire for candy." Lila gives Dexter a Whatever face, and he tells her he'll see her at the loft later.

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