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Things Fall Apart

At his place, Dexter is surprised when Deb turns up with a bag of groceries. She breaks a bunch of good news – there's an arrest warrant out for Daniel, and Elway and Clayton don't know where Hannah is (she knows that how?) – before announcing that it's Dexter's last night, so they're having dinner together. Dexter thinks it dangerous for her to be there since he's expecting Daniel to turn up to try to kill him, but Deb is like, "We are having dinner, and if Daniel interrupts I will personally grill his face along with the steaks I brought, so shut up and help me find where your kitchen stuff is packed." This only reminds me that it's hilarious to think that Dexter, with everything else he has going on, found the time to pack up his double-sized apartment of a few years by himself. Just figuring out a plan of attack for such a chore would take me an entire week.

At Deb's, a bunch of marshal-service people are ransacking Deb's place, so…why did he need Elway's help, then? I assumed at first it was a question of legality, but Elway's word about place settings and expensive shoes would hardly hold up as justification for a warrant. They can't find any physical evidence, but they do discover a visit to the website of "Aero Sudamerica" on Deb's computer. (Like, does Hannah really not have her own laptop in this day and age? And does she now know how to clear her browser history? I admit it's been years since I used a PC, but I still think I could handle that). Since there's no booking history, Elway declares his intention to check the passenger manifests and pull all travelers' passport photos (probably not necessary, since I'm guessing Dexter and Harrison are traveling under their own names), while Clayton says he's going to tail "the Morgans" (because they're one person) and see what he finds.

Dinner's ready, and as Dexter serves, Deb asks about Astor and Cody. Dexter tells him Astor's dealing with the move better since he offered her his SUV (teenagers) and then Deb stops to wonder again what life's going to be like without Dexter. I'm sure many loyal viewers are wondering the same thing. She goes on that every time she's fallen apart – even the times it was his fault – he's been there for her, so what happens if she goes to pieces again and he's not there? Dexter assures her that she's strong, adding that while he had to be taught the Code, she had a compass he always wished for. I doubt that's actually true, but it's nice of him to say. Deb tells him that maybe she'll be all right, but he shouldn't think it was the Code that made him a good brother. She touches his chest as she tells him there's a human being inside him, and from his facial expression he does seem to believe it. Deb then turns the TV volume on (I love how much local news these people watch) and they hear a report about the manhunt for Daniel. When Deb hears the part about the news station getting hold of Daniel's videos, she warily asks if Dexter helped them along, and he nods and says he needed to draw Daniel out before he leaves town …which is why she needs to get going. She considers it.

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